Algernon v1.12.7 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-03-24 // 2 months ago
    • 👍 Issues with Bolt db, simplebolt and gccgo are resolved. Algernon now also supports gccgo.
    • Algernon requires Go 1.11 or later.
    • 👍 Respect TMPDIR, for improved Termux support.
    • 🛠 Fix issue #42, when --dir is used together with a trailing slash.
    • Don't force the use of the bolt database when in development mode.
    • ⚡️ Update dependencies.

    🚀 The Windows and OpenBSD releases does not compile anymore. I want to look into that at some point.

Previous changes from v1.12.6

    • 🏗 Now using a fork of the quic package, since there were build issues with it (could not build with gccgo and issue #41).
    • ⚡️ Updated dependencies.
    • 👀 There are still issues with compiling simplebolt with gccgo, which is why Algernon can not be compiled with gccgo in a way where simplebolt works, yet. This is related to different behavior between go and gccgo and will be worked around in simplebolt. See: golang/go#36430
    • The autorefresh feature (-a or --autorefresh) may now follow symlinks to diretories, to make the ./ script and example more user-friendly when live editing for instance samples/greetings/
    • The file-search backend of the autofresh feature is now also concurrent.
    • 🐧 Tested with the latest version of Go (1.13.5) on 64-bit Arch Linux.