Code Quality Rank: L3
Programming language: PHP
Tags: Log Management    
Latest version: v0.5

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Echofish Syslog manager

Central syslog management console with whitelisting feature and ability to generate events from syslog entries.


Echofish is a web based real-time event log aggregation, monitoring and management system, developed in php and mysql, with functionality based on the excellent idea/paper of Marcus J. Ranum, "Artificial Ignorance".

Through a simple dashboard, Echofish provides a single view for the administrators to monitor system and application events. Echofish allows the creation of whitelists and filters to provide administrators with a unique and customized view of their systems' event messages. Through detailed reports, alerting and notifications, Echofish is able to deliver new levels of visibility and insight on your business IT infrastructure.

How Echofish differs

Echofish focuses around the fact that:

  • daily operators need to be able to see what happens on their network.
  • syslog messages are events that need to be addressed.
  • similar events don't need to be addressed separately.
  • there is no need to be worried about events that are known to be good (whitelisted).
  • once all the whitelisted entries are gone, we are left with mostly important messages that need our attention.

Beneath the hood

When a message is received by syslog it gets written into a specific table of the echofish database.

Upon INSERT on that table, special triggers and events take over, in order to inspect the message parameters and decide -based on your rules- whether the message is worthy of your attention or it needs to be discarded.

On top of that, you can create triggers that allow you to achieve certain explicit tasks such as:

  • After 10 failed ssh logins issue a syslog warning about brute force attempt and report the attacker's IP
  • If [email protected] usually logs from 1.2.3.x network and now he's appearing from Korea notify me
  • Issue an alert if the ssh logins on the servers are not from the admin's IP

You can find configuration samples, installation recipes and other usefull information in the contrib/ folder.