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  • v19.1.20200430

    April 30, 2020
    • Jitsi/Status: many of improvments for easier video conferences and calls
      • added a ringtone when being called and also signaling it via a link in Rocket.Chat
      • ask user to try again, if a call is not answered and tell called one he missed the call
      • display alarms for videoconferences and offer easy joining
      • allow to invite users to already running video calls or sheduled meetings
    • Status: add phone call actions (only if telephony system is integrated)
    • Calendar: video conference links in notifications expired before the meeting date
    • Calendar: add clickable link to videoconference in event tooltip
    • Calendar: add videoconference icon to event tooltip
    • Calendar: disable some owner/participant pre-loading for faster initial open
    • Calendar: fix events later in the day would not show if one was filtered out
    • Calendar: fix more than 2 exceptions caused missed exceptions with CalDAV under iOS
    • 🚚 Mail: automatic remove some invisible Unicode chars breaking email addresses
    • ⚡️ Timesheet: fix update via import without category or status cleared original
    • Timesheet: fix import condition checks
    • 🚚 Api: make sure share cleanup job doesn't remove shares just because of access rights
    • Collabora: fix document revision history only available in english
    • Collabora: fix document's previous versions were only available in english
    • 🆕 News: display link to categories in sidebox-menu and administration
    • OpenIDConnect: fix JWT don't validate for client in certain proxying situations because of wrong issuer
    • Admin: deleting accounts no longer fails because of memmory limit on huge installations
    • ➕ Addressbook: fixed not working avatar upload
    • Guacamole: fixing diverse glitches in usage and installation
  • v19.1.20200409

    April 09, 2020

    🚀 #CoronaVirus #StayAtHome #HomeOffice release featuring

    • 🆓 Free Video Calls through an IONOS and EGroupware GmbH sponsored Jitsi server in Frankfurt/Germany
    • Status: integrated Jitsi video conferencing into Status app by simple double-click on avatar
    • ➕ Addressbook: direct video calls to loged in uses and schedule conferences to contacts
    • ⏱ Calendar: allow to schedule a videoconference via Jitsi
    • Filemanager: allow schools to make home-work available via sharing and collect it again (new HiddenUpload sharing type)
    • 🏁 Guacamole: make windows PCs in office available through EGroupware from the outside
    • 👍 OpenIDConnect: added id_token to implicit flow and /jwks endpoint to support eg. Guacamole
    • OpenIDConnect/OAuth: manage access and display OAuth apps inside EGroupware
    • 🔧 EPL: allow specify IP-range as second factor in Admin >> EPL-Function >> Site configuration
    • Api: If addressbook event column is disabled, disable next / last dates in edit dialog as well.
    • Calendar: Fix conflict popup opened with an error
    • 🌐 Api: Fix missing translations in ACL dialog and when deleting an account
    • ➕ Addressbook: Case insensitive check for vCard BEGIN & END flags fixes lowercase vcards would not import
    • Bookmarks: Tree view no longer shows bookmarks from sub-categories at every higher tree level
    • 🌐 OpenIDConnect: Fix missing translation in delete token confirm
    • OpenIDConnect: fix error if scopes are specified in a client
    • 🌐 Rocketchat: Fix missing translation in Rocket Chat side menu
    • Rocketchat: Fix server_url is not getting stored/replaced once a wrong url has been stored.
  • v19.1.20200318

    March 18, 2020
    • Calendar: initial load speed improvement
    • CalDAV/OutlookSynchronizer: reject invitations when client deletes them without appropriate rights in his calendar
    • CalDAV/Calendar: always set organizer and participants outside own calendar
    • Filemanager/Sharing: fix lost session on first load in sharing links with Firefox
    • Collabora: fix issue of inserting an image into document pops a rename dialog
    • Collabora: fix limit of one samba connection per person
    • Admin: add copy account action
    • Html Editor: add fullscreen feature into html editor
    • Html Editor: add 9pt, 9px, 11pt and 11px into Html editor's font options
    • Timesheet: fix project link was missing when changing project after clicking "Save & New"
    • Mail: fix mail acl can't save or retrieve after changing mailbox via folder selectbox
    • Projectmanager: add preference to force filemanager subdirectories
    • ⚡️ All apps: fix error closing / updating window in Chrome 80+
    • ⚡️ RocketChat: fix diverse connection and status update errors
    • ⚡️ Updated translations for EL, SK, BG and DE
  • v19.1.20200130

    January 30, 2020
    • Sharing: temporary disable cleaning of deleted files, causing all shares to get deleted
    • Api: Fix SQL error from doubled table name in group statement
    • Admin: Fix group email got lost on save
    • 👻 CalDAV/Calendar: fix for first recurence being an exception cause it to be deleted by mac calendar
    • CalDAV/Calendar: virtual exceptions (different status for recurrences) were not exported
    • Mail: Fix broken link mail in infolog via drag and drop action
    • Collabora: explicit save creates no new version if last one was an autosave
    • Projectmanager: Fix Gantt chart to use all available vertical space
    • 🚀 ProjectManager/PostgreSQL: fix SQL error / regression in last maintenance release
    • Tracker: using RowsIterator to export more rows then the memory-limit
  • v19.1.20191220

    December 20, 2019
    • All apps: make list columns being sortable via column-selector dialog
    • 🌲 Admin: optional session-action column in access-log and sessions
    • 🚚 Admin: Add filemanager (home directory) as an option to move to new user when deleting an account
    • Admin: Fix some hooks got missed when deleting a user
    • File selector: implement Overwrite and Rename possibilities for saving an existing email message or attachment
    • Mobile theme: fix mobile theme sidebar not showing notifications
    • Html Editor: Add a custom paragraph into block formating in order to get paragraph lines with no line-height
    • Mail: keep number & bullet lists when converting to plain text
    • Notifications: implement new indicator in dashboard in order to notify user about unread notifications
    • Calendar: New preference for notifications about events you created, but are not a participant in
    • ➕ Addressbook: Fix files and entries linked to a new contact were not saved
    • Rocket.Chat: fix Message action on status app's contextmenu is always active even when Rochet.Chat is not yet logged in and active
    • Tracker: Fix HTML tickets showed their HTML tags in async notifications
    • 📦 Packages/WebDAV: remove upload / PUT limit of 65MB (now 1GB), you need to accept/merge changes in apache/nginx.conf files!
  • v19.1.20191119

    November 19, 2019
    • CalDAV/Calendar: Lightning 68 no longer allowed to accept/reject invitations
    • CalDAV/Calendar: iOS also no longer allowed to accept/reject invitations
    • ImportExport: fix error in importexport_cli.php (Console/Getopt.php not found)
    • all apps: fixing serveral cases of wrong Url when proxying and terminating TLS on the proxy
    • 🚀 extended changelog
  • v19.1.20191031

    October 31, 2019
    • Docker: allow to set session timeout (in sec) via EGW_SESSION_TIMEOUT enviroment variable
    • 🐳 Docker: do not allow to call php files ment to be included only (src, setup, inc or vendor directories)
    • OpenID/OAuth2: do NOT ask user aproval, if already given and client does not use refresh token
    • Rocket.Chat: automatic logout and login withing EGroupware
    • Rocket.Chat: fix list of channels not being searchable on add favorite search dialog
    • 🌲 Mail: stop logging of mails to webserver error-log
    • Mail: fix mails consists of both multipart/mixed and multipart/related create duplicated content
    • Mail: fix textarea in compose dialog gets disappeared after attaching a file, happens in mobile template only
    • Mail/Api: fix password change looses S/Mime, one time passwords and other credentials
    • 0️⃣ Mail: new preference to set default format (line height, font, ...)
    • Api: Fix bug where some links opened in the application's main tab instead of popups
    • Admin: fix deleting of customfields type not working
    • Admin: Fix adding custom type status or setting type owner was not saved
    • Calendar: Fix selecting a group in planner by user view did not always load group members
    • Calendar: Fix copy event loses links
    • ➕ Addressbook: Add a new CRM option to view infologs for the contacts' entire organisation
    • ➕ Addressbook: Add site configuration to always load certain custom fields, allows for single customfields in custom list templates
    • ➕ Addressbook: fix issue of avatar edit is disabled even though user has enough rights to edit it.
    • ⏱ Infolog: Fix context menu 'Schedule appointment' action opened in calendar tab instead of a popup
    • Tracker: context menu to edit comments or add attachments to them
    • Tracker: Record comment changes in history
    • Import/Export: Fix export CSV with Tab delimiter literally inserted '\t' instead of tab.
    • CE-Groups: fix error deleting groups
    • 🆕 News: Fix error "Cannot read property 'col_filter' of undefined" when clicking 'No filters'
    • 🚀 Statistik: add maintenance release version and docker install type
    • 🛠 Collabora: 4.0.8 fixes inserting images from filemanager plus several new features and bugfixes
    • Univention: EGroupware 19.1 is now available via AppCenter for UCS 4.4
    • 🚀 extended changelog
  • v19.1.20190925

    September 25, 2019
    • 🔒 Password&Security: fix not working password change after 19.1.20190917
    • 🖨 Calendar: fix not working print view, if conventional add popup is enabled
    • ➕ Addressbook: fix filters in list "jumping" in Chrome 76+ on Windows
    • Template: implement applications list up/down scroll buttons (as an user preference feature)
    • ⏪ InfoLog: fix delegation no longer shown after database restore
    • ⚡️ History: fix timestamps broken by 19.1 update storing diffs using timestamp of preceeding row
    • Tracker: fix unable to clear queue/category/version colors
  • v19.1.20190917

    September 17, 2019
    • EPL: WebAuthn incl. older U2F tokens as 2nd factor for authentication
    • 🔒 Preferences: always show Security & Password popup, only disable password tab, if no rights to change it
    • Notification: instead of overwritting From address use ReplyTo
    • Tracker: for notifications use explicit replyTo address or sender from mail config
    • Calendar: Fix quick add lost additional participants
    • ⚡️ Calendar: update to timezones version 2.2019b
    • Univention: fix "Must change password upon next login" feature
    • Mail: fix email date is an editable field in mail display
    • Filemanager: fix actions in share->mail context menu not working on multi-selection
    • Setup: fix post_install.php breaking bcrypt header_admin_password
    • ⚡️ EPL: fix not working automatic update of container / watchtower (requires docker-compose.yml update!)
    • 🐳 RHEL/CentOS: fix dependency of docker-compose package to work with OS docker version
  • v19.1.20190822

    August 22, 2019
    • Mail: fix broken save to filemanager action
    • Mail: add format selector into compose htmltext editor's toolbar
    • Api: no longer loggin last-logintime of anonymous user
    • 🚚 Notifications: remove calendar notification from the list after applying any of actions
    • Mobile theme: fix broken html editor in mobile view (e.g. mail compose)
    • 🛠 OpenID/OAuth: fixed missing redirect to login causing Rocket.Chat login to fail
    • 🌲 OpenID/OAuth: allow to enable and view request log from within EGroupware
    • PostgreSQL: fix SQL error displaying project-list
    • Status: fix status app loses its user list if no access right to rocketchat app
    • Tracker: fix sometimes not readable comments (resized too small)
    • 🐳 Rocketchat: fix stalled registration due to (wrong) MAIL_URL in docker-compose file