Jazigo is a tool written in Go for retrieving configuration for multiple devices, similar to rancid, fetchconfig, oxidized, Sweet.

FEATURES - Written in Go. Single executable file. No runtime dependency. - Straightforward usage: run the binary then point browser to web UI. Default settings should work out-of-the-box. - Tool configuration is automatically saved as YAML. However one is NOT supposed to edit configuration file directly. - Spawns multiple concurrent lightweight goroutines to quickly handle large number of devices. - Very easy to add support for new platforms. - Backup files can be accessed from web UI. - See file differences directly from the web UI. - Support for SSH and TELNET. - Can directly store backup files into AWS S3 bucket. - Can call an external program and collect its output.

Programming language: Go
Tags: Backups     Network Configuration Management     Networking     Systems Administration     Archiving     Administration     GoLang    

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