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  • v1.2.5.95rc1 Changes

    May 26, 2016

    Hi all,

    🚀 We're happy to announce the upcoming release of Mosh 1.2.6, and are
    🚀 calling for testing on Mosh The release has picked up
    🚀 some minor new features in the year since the last release such as
    👍 better IPv6 support and tools to handle orphaned sessions. However,
    🐎 it's also seen significant improvements in performance, testing, and

    🚀 The Changelog for this release:

    • 🆕 New features:
      • Add Travis CI builds for Linux and Mac. (Anders Kaseorg, others)
      • Add a --local option to run without ssh. (John Hood)
      • Mosh now returns exitstatus reflecting connection success.
        (John Hood)
      • Add a end-to-end test suite and many tests. (John Hood)
      • Implement timeouts and signals to help address orphaned sessions.
        (John Hood)
      • Major rework of Mosh's display differencing/rendering
        🐎 code with much improved performance for slow machines. (John Hood)
      • Implement ANSI back/forward tab (CSI CBT, CSI CHT).
        (John Hood)
      • Do not start user shell until network session starts.
        (John Hood)
      • Add options for more flexible specification of IPv4/IPv6
        hostname resolution. (John Hood)
      • Improved bash completion. (Steve Dignam, HIGUCHI Yuta)
      • Add options for different methods of resolving the remote host
        ➕ address, allowing operation without SshProxyCommand. (John Hood)
    • 👍 Platform support:
      • Add configurable support for Apple Common Crypto and
        Nettle, in place of OpenSSL. Implement base64 locally.
        (John Hood)
      • Workaround Cygwin select() bug. (John Hood)
      • Updates to Debian packaging. (Anders Kaseorg, Keith Winstein)
      • Workaround a glibc-2.22 issue causing segfaults on Debian Sid.
        (John Hood with help from many others)
      • Prefer c++ to g++, for systems like FreeBSD where g++ is not usable.
        (John Hood)
      • Fixes for Illumos Hipster 20151003. (John Hood)
      • Disable -Werror for protobuf code, to resolve a new gcc6 warning.
        (John Hood)
      • Link test for -fstack-protector-all on an embedded platform.
        (Baruch Siach)
      • Resolve issue with bswap64() on FreeBSD-CURRENT with libc++-3.8.0.
        (John Hood)
      • Fix issue with RECVTOS error message on client on FreeBSD.
        (John Hood)
    • 🐛 Bug fixes:
      • Remove an assertion causing aborts on Unicode fallback found by
        fuzzing with afl. (Keith Winstein)
      • Fix a server hang with XON/XOFF on BSD systems. (John Hood)
      • Fix a typeahead-prediction bug that caused display corruption on
        urxvt. (John Hood)

    Source code is available as
    The SHA256 sum for this file is

    📦 One standalone OS X package is available:

    📦 (If you are using a package system such as MacPorts or Homebrew, I
    recommend using that, though.)

    🏗 As always, Ubuntu PPA builds of the latest source are available at

    📦 Packagers, please note that Mosh has some minor dependency changes: Perl
    is now required to be >= 5.14, but IO::Socket modules are no longer
    📦 required. If anybody needs to package for older versions of Perl, talk
    🚀 to me and I'll probably bring something into the release. Also, if
    📦 anyone needs an OS X package for 10.8 or lower, please contact me.

    ✅ Your testing is very unlikely to prove Mosh to be free of bugs, but your
    🚀 testing will help us make 1.2.6 a better release. Please report any
    issues you find on Github, and we can be found on IRC at

    🚀 Looking ahead, we expect Mosh 1.3 to be a feature release, bringing
    significant new functionality. SSH agent forwarding is high on the list.

    The Mosh team thanks you for your help.

    --John Hood