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  • v0.9.9

    November 04, 2019
    • 👍 Extensive pass through the whole codebase to support Python 3
      • Tons of updates to replace def __cmp__ with __eq__ and friends to preserve custom equality and ordering behaviors that are essential to octoDNS's processes.
      • Quite a few objects required the addition of __eq__ and friends so that they're sortable in Python 3 now that those things are more strict. A few places this required jumping through hoops of sorts. Thankfully our tests are pretty thorough and caught a lot of issues and hopefully the whole plan, review, apply process will backstop that.
      • Explicit ordering of changes by (name, type) to address inconsistent ordering for a number of providers that just convert changes into API calls as they come. Python 2 sets ordered consistently, Python 3 they do not.
      • Route53 _mod_keyer ordering wasn't 100% complete and thus unreliable and random in Python 3. This has been addressed and may result in value reordering on next plan, no actual changes in behavior should occur.
      • incf.countryutils (in pypi) was last released in 2009 is not python 3 compatible (it's country data is also pretty stale.) pycountry_convert appears to have the functionality required to replace its usage so it has been removed as a dependency/requirement.
      • Bunch of additional unit tests and supporting config to exercise new code and verify things that were run into during the Python 3 work
      • lots of sixing of things
    • Validate Record name & fqdn length
  • v0.9.8

    September 30, 2019
    • No material changes
  • v0.9.7

    September 30, 2019
    • AkamaiProvider, ConstellixProvider, MythicBeastsProvider, SelectelProvider, & TransipPovider providers added
    • Route53Provider seperator fix
    • YamlProvider export error around stringification
    • PyPi markdown rendering fix
  • v0.9.6

    July 16, 2019
    • ⬇️ Reduced dynamic record value weight range to 0-15 so that Dyn and Route53 match up behaviors. Dyn is limited to 0-15 and scaling that up would lose resolution that couldn't be recovered during populate.
    • ➕ Addressed issues with Route53 change set ordering for dynamic records
    • 👍 Ignore unsupported record types in DigitalOceanProvider
    • 🛠 Fix bugs in Route53 extra changes handling and health check managagement
  • v0.9.5

    May 06, 2019
    • 👍 dynamic record support, essentially a v2 version of geo records with a lot more flexibility and power. Also support dynamic CNAME records (alpha)
    • 👍 Route53Provider dynamic record support
    • 👍 DynProvider dynamic record support
    • 👌 SUPPORTS_DYNAMIC is an optional property, defaults to False
    • 🚤 Route53Provider health checks support disabling latency measurement
    • CloudflareProvider SRV record unpacking fix
    • 👍 DNSMadeEasy provider uses supports to avoid blowing up on unknown record types
    • ⚡️ Updates to AzureProvider lib versions
    • Normalize MX/CNAME/ALIAS/PTR value to lower case
    • 👍 SplitYamlProvider support added
    • DynProvider fix for Traffic Directors association to records, explicit rather than "looks close enough"
    • 🛠 TinyDNS support for TXT and AAAA records and fixes to ; escaping
    • pre-commit hook requires 100% code coverage
  • v0.9.4

    January 28, 2019
    • 🚀 A bunch of "dynamic" stuff that'll be detailed in the next release when providers actually support it :grin:
    • 👍 Route53Provider adds support for using session tokens
    • ➕ Added support for proxying Cloudflare ALIAS records
    • Dyn CAA TTL fix
    • 📚 Documentation fixes and improvements
    • natsort version bump to address setup issues
    • 🛠 DNSSimple TXT record handling fixes, ; it's always ;
    • 👍 Route53Provider support for sessiom tokens
    • ➕ Add ALIAS to the list of Cloudflare record types that support proxying
    • 🛠 Fix for TTL bug in Dyn CCA records
    • 📇 Records updated so that 'octodns' record metadata is persisted through YamlProvider
    • ➕ Added --version support to ArguementParser (thus all commands)
  • v0.9.3

    October 29, 2018
    • ZoneFile source added
    • ⚡️ Major rework/improvements to the Cloudflare record update process, fixed bugs and optimized it quite a bit
    • ➕ Add ability to manage Cloudflare proxy flag
    • ⬆️ Bump requests version to 2.20.0
  • v0.9.2

    August 20, 2018
    • EtcHostsProvider implementation to create static/emergency best effort content that can be used in /etc/hosts to resolve things.
    • ➕ Add lenient support to Zone.add_record, allows populate from providers that have allowed/created invalid data and situations where a sub-zone is being extracted from a parent, but the records still exist in the remote provider.
    • 👍 AXFR source support added
    • 📦 google-cloud-dns requirement instead of general package
  • v0.9.1

    May 21, 2018

    🔔 NOTICE

    Using this version on existing records with geo will result in ✅ recreating all health checks. This process has been tested pretty thoroughly to ⬆️ try and ensure a seemless upgrade without any traffic shifting around. It's ⚡️ probably best to take extra care when updating and to try and make sure that 👀 all health checks are passing before the first sync with --doit. See #67 for more information.

    • ⚡️ Major update to geo healthchecks to allow configuring host (header), path, protocol, and port #67
    • SSHFP algorithm type 4
    • 👍 NS1 and DNSimple support skipping unsupported record types
    • 💅 Revert back to old style & requirements.txt, setup.cfg was causing too much pita
  • v0.9.0

    March 26, 2018
    • Way way way too much to list out here, shouldn't have waited so long
    • 🎉 Initial NS1 geo support
    • ⚡️ Major reworking of CloudflareProvider's update process, was only partially functional before, also ignore proxied records
    • 🛠 Fixes and improvements to better support non-ascii records and zones
    • Plans indicate when Zones are going to be created
    • 🛠 Fix for GoogleCloudProvider handling of ; escapes
    • 👍 Skip Alias recordsets for Route53 (unsupported concept/type)
    • 👉 Make sure that Record geo values are sorted to prevent false diffs that can never be fixed
    • DynProvider fix to safely roll rulesets, things could end up on rules without a pool and/or hitting the default rule previously.