The Most Active SysAdmin tools
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  • Visual Studio Code

    10.0 10.0 Editors
    Visual Studio Code
  • MongoDB

    9.6 10.0 L1 NoSQL
    The MongoDB Database
  • QEMU

    8.7 10.0 L2 Virtualization
    Official QEMU mirror. Please see for how to submit changes to QEMU. Pull Requests are ignored. Please only use release tarballs from the QEMU website.
  • Grafana

    The open and composable observability and data visualization platform. Visualize metrics, logs, and traces from multiple sources like Prometheus, Loki, Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, Postgres and many more.
  • GNU Emacs

    7.3 10.0 Editors
    Mirror of GNU Emacs
  • ClickHouse

    9.6 10.0 L1 RDBMS
    ClickHouse® is a free analytics DBMS for big data
  • Elasticsearch

    10.0 10.0 L2 Log Management
    Free and Open, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine
  • Gradle

    9.1 10.0 L4 Build Automation
    Adaptable, fast automation for all
  • Zabbix

    6.5 10.0 Monitoring
    Real-time monitoring of IT components and services, such as networks, servers, VMs, applications and the cloud.
  • Ceph

    Ceph is a distributed object, block, and file storage platform
  • Kubernetes

    Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management
  • Sentry

    9.7 10.0 L3 Monitoring
    Sentry is cross-platform application monitoring, with a focus on error reporting.
  • Kibana

    9.5 10.0 L3 Log Management
    Your window into the Elastic Stack
  • Zulip

    9.3 10.0 L2 ChatOps
    Zulip server and web app—powerful open source team chat
  • git-annex assistant

    6.0 9.9 Cloud Storage
    A synchronised folder on each of your OSX and Linux computers, Android devices, removable drives, NAS appliances, and cloud services.
  • Nextcloud

    9.2 10.0 L4 Cloud Storage
    ☁️ Nextcloud server, a safe home for all your data
  • consul

    Consul is a distributed, highly available, and data center aware solution to connect and configure applications across dynamic, distributed infrastructure.
  • Gravitational Teleport

    8.6 10.0 SSH
    The easiest, most secure way to access infrastructure.
  • Git

    9.9 10.0 L2 Version control
    Git Source Code Mirror - This is a publish-only repository but pull requests can be turned into patches to the mailing list via GitGitGadget ( Please follow Documentation/SubmittingPatches procedure for any of your improvements.
  • Wireshark

    7.7 10.0 L2 Troubleshooting
    Read-only mirror of Wireshark's Git repository at GitHub won't let us disable pull requests. ☞ THEY WILL BE IGNORED HERE ☜ Please upload them at GitLab.
  • Juju

    Universal Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) for Kubernetes operators, and operators for traditional Linux apps, with declarative integration between operators for automated microservice integration.
  • Bazel

    9.3 10.0 L3 Automation
    a fast, scalable, multi-language and extensible build system
  • PostgreSQL

    8.9 10.0 L1 RDBMS
    Mirror of the official PostgreSQL GIT repository. Note that this is just a *mirror* - we don't work with pull requests on github. To contribute, please see
  • RavenDB

    6.8 10.0 L2 NoSQL
    ACID Document Database
  • Netmaker

    7.0 10.0 VPN
    Netmaker makes networks with WireGuard. Netmaker automates fast, secure, and distributed virtual networks.
  • envoy

    9.3 9.9 Web
    Cloud-native high-performance edge/middle/service proxy
  • Rocket Chat

    9.7 9.9 L3 ChatOps
    The communications platform that puts data protection first.
  • MariaDB

    7.6 9.9 L1 RDBMS
    MariaDB server is a community developed fork of MySQL server. Started by core members of the original MySQL team, MariaDB actively works with outside developers to deliver the most featureful, stable, and sanely licensed open SQL server in the industry.
  • SeaweedFS

    SeaweedFS is a fast distributed storage system for blobs, objects, files, and data lake, for billions of files! Blob store has O(1) disk seek, cloud tiering. Filer supports Cloud Drive, cross-DC active-active replication, Kubernetes, POSIX FUSE mount, S3 API, S3 Gateway, Hadoop, WebDAV, encryption, Erasure Coding. [Moved to:]
  • GitLab

    GitLab CE Mirror | Please open new issues in our issue tracker on