Prometheus v2.17.0-rc.3 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-03-18 // 3 months ago
  • 🚀 This release implements isolation in TSDB. API queries and recording rules are
    👀 guaranteed to only see full scrapes and full recording rules. This comes with a
    certain overhead in resource usage. Depending on the situation, there might be
    🚤 some increase in memory usage, CPU usage, or query latency.

    • 👍 [FEATURE] TSDB: Support isolation #6841
    • [ENHANCEMENT] PromQL: Allow more keywords as metric names #6933
    • 💻 [ENHANCEMENT] React UI: Add normalization of localhost URLs in targets page #6794
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Remote read: Read from remote storage concurrently #6770
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Rules: Mark deleted rule series as stale after a reload #6745
    • 🌲 [ENHANCEMENT] Scrape: Log scrape append failures as debug rather than warn #6852
    • 🐎 [ENHANCEMENT] TSDB: Improve query performance for queries that partially hit the head #6676
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Consul SD: Expose service health as meta label #5313
    • [ENHANCEMENT] EC2 SD: Expose EC2 instance lifecycle as meta label #6914
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Kubernetes SD: Expose service type as meta label for K8s service role #6684
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Kubernetes SD: Expose label_selector and field_selector #6807
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Openstack SD: Expose hypervisor id as meta label #6962
    • 🛠 [BUGFIX] PromQL: Do not escape HTML-like chars in query log #6834 #6795
    • 🛠 [BUGFIX] React UI: Fix data table matrix values #6896
    • 🛠 [BUGFIX] React UI: Fix new targets page not loading when using non-ASCII characters #6892
    • 🛠 [BUGFIX] Scrape: Prevent removal of metric names upon relabeling #6891
    • 🛠 [BUGFIX] Scrape: Fix 'superfluous response.WriteHeader call' errors when scrape fails under some circonstances #6986