Rdiff-backup v2.0.5 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-07-25 // almost 4 years ago
  • Main changes

    βœ… In this version we've fixed 10 issues reported by users (thanks!), some of them quite long standing. We've also improved our development and testing infrastructure, adding test coverage and profiling instructions.
    πŸš€ Detailed release notes are at the top of the changelog.


    The installation, described in details in the read me, has the quick version:

    • 🐧 Linux, trust on your distro to provide the latest version of rdiff-backup "soon-ish" or:
    • πŸš€ Windows, download the asset rdiff-backup-2.0.5.win32exe.zip from the tagged release and unpack it somewhere in your PATH.
    • πŸš€ Any supported Platform, and a few unsupported like BSD and MacOSX, use pip install rdiff-backup (or download and install the proper asset from the tagged release).


    πŸš€ It's probably the last bug-fix release of this 2.0 branch because we now need to focus on improving/modernizing/simplifying the code, and this will take a little while. This doesn't mean that there aren't known bugs but they require the code to be cleaner before they can be properly addressed. This will surely require some months so be patient or help us to be faster.

    πŸ‘ This is also most probably the last version of rdiff-backup officially supporting Python 3.5, which is due end-of-life in September 2020, and also because we want to support the upcoming Python 3.9, due one month later, and can't support more than 4 versions of Python in parallel.
    πŸ”’ In other words, if you're still using Python 3.5, it's time to think about upgrading; your security will thank you anyway.


    If you encounter issues, contact us on the rdiff-backup-users mailing list and/or report an issue.

    We could also use some help, so don't hesitate to raise your hand on the mailing list if you'd like to help your favourite backup tool!

Previous changes from v2.0.4.rc0

  • πŸ”„ Changes

    • CHG: explicitly refuse to back-up to exFAT because it doesn't handle properly case insensitive deletion of files, closes #38
    • βœ… CHG: setuptools is a runtime dependency for installation and tests so that version appears correctly instead of DEV, closes #305
    • βœ… CHG: testing explicitly for existence of tempdir might make certain setups fail now because tempdir was silently ignored
    • 🐧 DEV: Add a misc script to setup an ArchLinux as development platform
    • πŸ”§ DEV: add a new Vagrant configuration to do some smoke tests between the current/development version and any older one
    • 🏁 DEV: Add samba server with pre-defined shares to Windows vagrant setup to allow for more extensive tests on shares
    • DEV: fix compatibility in rollsum and sum-size with rdiff 2.2/2.3 leading to errors in librsynctest, closes #304
    • DEV: function rpath.getdevnums now also returns the device type, block or char
    • πŸ—„ DEV: replace deprecated xattr.xattr with xattr. function, closes #177
    • DOC: added clearer instructions for installing weak dependencies to support ACLs and EAs under CentOS and RHEL
    • DOC: fix semi-broken nongnu.org links in manpages of rdiff-backup and rdiff-backup-statistics
    • πŸ›  FIX: add python3-setuptools as a run time dependency to Debian package so --version works and doesn't output DEV, closes #305.
    • FIX: address PY_SSIZE_T deprecation warning appearing under Python 3.8 in the C code, closes #374
    • πŸ›  FIX: avoid error module 'errno' has no attribute 'EDEADLOCK' under MacOSX, closes #366
    • πŸ›  FIX: avoid issue with backslash at the end of file path under Windows, closes #395
    • πŸ›  FIX: avoid TypeError: a bytes-like object is required, not 'str' when logging error message by fixing encoding, closes #380
    • πŸ›  FIX: explicitly test existence of tempdir and avoid "Can't mix strings and bytes in path components" error, closes #367
    • πŸ›  FIX: failed on certain device files with no such file or directory error, closes #401
    • πŸ›  FIX: Force encoding of log file to be UTF-8 on all platforms and be lenient to avoid codec errors on logging, closes #356
    • πŸ›  FIX: Improve handling of files in use under Windows, closes #392
    • πŸ›  FIX: more meaningful error message when trying to test-server a local path, closes #396


    • Andreas Olsson
    • Eric L
    • Jirka Vejrazka
    • Neha S
    • Otto KekΓ€lΓ€inen
    • Patrik Dufresne