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  • A strong trend in the world of application deployment is “build once, deploy many”—where “many” could stand for complex environments, clusters and/or clouds. This, together with the power of the Kubernetes API, easily accessed by developers, makes the need for reliable, traceable and auditable configuration files even more pertinent.
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  • Currently the most prominent and popular docker monitoring tools.
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  • In the 2018 edition of this annual study, Datadog analyzes data from more than 10,000 companies to report on the adoption and usage of Docker and other container technologies. One notable finding: orchestrators like Kubernetes and ECS are now running in nearly half of Docker environments monitored by Datadog.
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  • Success in Kubernetes and containers is really about the conversation.
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  • Container Delivery Pipeline - from source code to Kubernetes cluster.
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  • This tutorial is intended for Ubuntu servers, the instructions should work on any LTS release of Ubuntu, including Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, even non-LTS releases like Ubuntu 17.10 and other Ubuntu-based distros. We tested this on an Ubuntu 16.04 server.
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  • These instructions should work on any Ubuntu-based distro, including Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, and even non-LTS Ubuntu releases like 17.10. They were tested and written for Ubuntu 16.04.
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  • Heroku revolutionized the way applications are deployed on the cloud; with a simple `git push`. Today, we can get the same experience on Kubernetes using open source tools like Gitkube.
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  • Copper, an open source tool to validate Kubernetes configuration file.
    It's like having unit tests for your Kubernetes configuration files, checking them for validity and Ops compliance after each change.
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  • Most CI/CD tools ignore the complexity of microservices, cover much less of the process, and add less value compared to what they do for monolithic apps. A new class of solution is needed — a Container Delivery Pipeline, or CDP.
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  • How we used runbooks to empower our Dev team to perform common Ops tasks.
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  • Kubernetes brings Devs and Ops closer together, and to avoid the complexity of the infrastructure impacting development pace, a Container Delivery Pipeline (CDP) solution should facilitate efficient maintenance of container delivery that is consistent with the code.
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  • Web forms are a critical component of modern web applications. It's important to try and provide a good user experience and make your forms as usable as possible.
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  • While cloud computing was the killer application for virtualization, changing the economy of SaaS might be the killer application for containerization.
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  • This post showcases using basic service definitions and basic firewall rules to make your Prometheus stable and secure.
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  • There are enough monitoring apps on the market and one of them should fulfill your needs. However, most of the time you are wondering what is happening inside your application. This is a DIY step-by-step guide to create your own monitoring app with Prometheus. (Part 1)
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  • Recently I published few posts about how to start using lambdas with integration to an API Gateway. In this post, I'll show how to do the same but leveraging Terraform instead of AWS Management Console.
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  • DNS & BIND Books.
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  • How we host our static websites with two lines of code
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  • A review of micro-services industry based on 8 components to help you build the best container infrastructure. (+vendors assessment)
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  • You have different sections with nails topics which help you to improve VestaCP.
    For the installation it's pretty straight forward aka one line code on any these linux (Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS) and it's on the main page.
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  • Welcome to the Zulip development and user community!

    Join to get a quick Zulip demo, observe a healthy Zulip community, offer feedback to the Zulip core team, or get involved in as a contributor.

    * [Community conventions](
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  • Cloud platforms may play a pretty important role in the whole process of the development of an application or web resource. It is so because of the fact, that you become able to store almost any amount of the needed data remotely without the involvement of personal resources. In order to make things clear, today you will see the comparison of all the benefits and drawbacks of two the most popular cloud approaches, AWS and Heroku.
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  • The development of applications is a long and complicated process. However, in case of the usage of proper tools you may be able to reduce all those efforts paid for the creation of a project. One of these tools could be Node.JS library. However, if you are willing to improve the quality of that particular technology, there is an opportunity to do it thanks to the usage of various frameworks about which we are going to talk today.
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  • A review of micro-services industry based on 8 components to help you build the best container infrastructure. Learn more about container Engine, Orchestration, Network, Storage, Monitoring, Logging, Service Mesh and CDP.
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  • Yet another article about how to start doing serverless development. With screenshots and emojis!
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  • This is part 5 of the Bash Bonanza sequence with the tips and tricks on bash external commands.
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  • If you are trying to drive change in your organization towards microservices or container-based-infrastructure, you need the right combination of technology tools and human experience to get the job done.

    This blog post includes a handy white paper on the challenges of building a container native delivery pipeline, that can give you a start ahead.
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