rq v1.4.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-05-16 // 9 days ago
    • 0️⃣ Default serializer now uses pickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL for backward compatibility reasons. Thanks @bbayles!
    • 🗄 Avoid deprecation warnings on redis-py >= 3.5.0. Thanks @bbayles!

Previous changes from v1.4.0

    • 👍 Custom serializer is now supported. Thanks @solababs!
    • 👷 delay() now accepts job_id argument. Thanks @grayshirt!
    • 🛠 Fixed a bug that may cause early termination of scheduled or requeued jobs. Thanks @rmartin48!
    • ⏱ When a job is scheduled, always add queue name to a set containing active RQ queue names. Thanks @mdawar!
    • ➕ Added --sentry-ca-certs and --sentry-debug parameters to rq worker CLI. Thanks @kichawa!
    • 👷 Jobs cleaned up by StartedJobRegistry are given an exception info. Thanks @selwin!