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  • v2.4.3 Changes

    March 10, 2016
        Add: First version for a online profiling system, not enabled currently
        CORE FIXES
        Fix: Fix missing Services/Hosts in Livestatus (Close #1691)
        Fix: initial_state mapping for hosts
        Fix: Fix duration when a parent is down (Close #1779)
        Add: Better logging for regenerator
        Enh: HTML mail notifications fix and improvements
        Enh: Change TCP Connect scan to TCP Syn scan with nmap for discovery features
        Enh: Various Documentation 
  • v2.4.2 Changes

    October 01, 2015
        Add: Service excludes/includes/overrides extension
        Add: Implementation of inital_state
        Add: Broks when host/service downtime is scheduled
        Add: Solaris SMF manifests
        Enh: Allow white space between foreach elements
        Enh: Increase default http thread_pool to 16
        CORE FIXES
        Fix: Duplicate Service from template using duplicate_foreach with the same name
        Fix: Service_(includes|excludes) template recursion
        Fix: Service description with multi level inheritance 
        Fix: Default business rule notification options
  • v2.4.1 Changes

    July 15, 2015
        Add: Safe Pickle
        Add: Better Debian 8 Jessie support
        CORE FIXES
        Fix: Display_name when using duplicate_foreach
        Fix: template definition loop did segfault python
        Fix: Service Description inheritance when using several level of inheritance
        Fix: cpu looping for receiver
  • v2.4 Changes

    May 04, 2015
    Add: Hosts - Service_includes feature. Similar to service_excludes
    Add: Deprecation in the doc about the discovery part. Should be move to contrib or as a module in next versions
    Add: (by Ddurieux) better logging of failed external modules
    Enh: Actions - Catch stderr output
    Enh: Arbiter -  Unpickle new conf earlier. Prevent a memory issue
    Enh: Config - Remove sudo from restart/reload commands
    Enh: Daemon - Factorization of  get_objects_from_from_queues
    Enh: DaemonsLinks : Move files to object directory
    Enh: Datamanager - Function get_contactgroup
    Enh: Doc - A lot of typo and improvements!
    Enh: Init Scripts - use readlink to avoid failure on symlinks
    Enh: Modulesmanager - Reworking module loading, now try to import in 3 different ways
    Enh: Pep8 : Shinken is now pep8 compliant (enforced by Travis) excepted for 3 specific rules
    Enh: Scheduler - Use iterator instead of list when necessary. Reduce memory consumption
    Enh: Setup - Refactoring to be virtualenv compatible
    Enh: Tests - Stabilization
    Del: Check Shinken script. It has its own repository
    Del: Windows files from 1.4 version
    Fix: Config Parsing - Arbiter module auto creation
    Fix: Config Parsing - Infinite recursion loop in template
    Fix: Config Parsing - Inheritance of custom variable
    Fix: Config Parsing - Raise error properly in ArbiterLink object
    Fix: Config Parsing - Type properties in Contact, NotificationWay and Arbiter objects
    Fix: Escalations - escalated parameter in notification object and macro $NOTIFICATIONISESCALATED$ are set correctly
    Fix: Event Handlers - Global event handlers parsing and launching
    Fix: External Command - Internal argument for CHANGE_RETRY_HOST_CHECK_INTERVAL command
    Fix: Realm - Bailout when there are two default realm
    Fix: (reported by:Stéphane Loeuillet) init.d - Unset http(s)_proxy env variables in the init.d script (curl was using them by default)
    Fix: (reported by: Arthur Lutz) CLI - manage shinken install call without arguments
    Fix: (reported by mohierf) STATS - fix statsd format.
    Fix: (reported by: Stéphane Loeuillet) Config Parsing - manage , case at the end of members list (hostgroups & contactgroups)
    Fix: (reported by: Stéphane Loeuillet) Config Parsing - host check_period was mandatory with some parameters, now is missing always true period.
    Fix: + char in servicegroups
  • v2.4-RC4

    April 23, 2015
  • v2.4-RC3

    April 22, 2015
  • v2.4-RC2

    April 20, 2015
  • v2.4-RC1

    March 31, 2015
  • v2.4-BETA1

    March 03, 2015
  • v2.2 Changes

    January 16, 2015
    Add : Bottle - HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO support (for WebUI)
    Add : BpRules - Expands bp_rules t flag from tags
    Add : BpRules - Use standard macros expansion in bp_rules output
    Add : Broks - new type unknown_check_result_brok (included in the previous add)
    Add : CLI - update command for the install
    Add : Contact - new parameter expert. For UI purpose
    Add : Escalations - Time properties for host and service escalations
    Add : External Commands - Reload-config function
    Add : External Commands - support for reset modify attribute
    Add : HTTP API - get_start_time call returning timestamp
    Add : HTTP API - Inner stats can be sent to
    Add : LogEvent - Output key to properties dict
    Add : LogEvent - Pattern for FLAPPING events
    Add : Receiver - Accept passive results from host or service not in configuration
    Add : Realms - Handle properly multi level of realms
    Add : SchedulingItem - callbacks for HOSTDOWNTIME and SERVICEDOWNTIME macros
    Add : SchedulingItem - Parameter to remove host-service dependency
    Add : Service Escalation - wildcard service_description
    Add : Service - method  get_service_tags (for WebUI)
    Add : Snapshots  - Feature to get more output when we have a bad state
    Del : Move WebUI image and template to the good repo
    Del : Pack Distribution tuning (hosts where fixd on the same scehduler between reload) - causing more damage in load balancing that it solve problems
    Enh : CLI now exit with a real system return code when fail to install
    Enh : Config - Module name formatting in config files
    Enh : Config parsing - Refactoring to pythonize at object creation. Attribute have correct type very early.
    Enh : Config parsing - Refactoring to reduce parse time, and scope code to ease future evolutions
    Enh : Daemon - Refactor bailout and edit message
    Enh : Datarange - Better datarange parsing
    Enh : Deamon - additional call to  os.setgroups to drop privileges
    Enh : Doc - A lot of typo and improvments!
    Enh : External Command - Moved manager initialization to init
    Enh : Imports - use importlib when available to import module properly.
    Enh : Init scripts - Refactoring script. Add LSB standard functions
    Enh : Logger - Only use time rotated file handler for regular files
    Enh : Logger - Refactoring logger class to inherit from standard logger class.
    Enh : Logger - Use lazy logger syntax to enhance performances
    Enh : Perfdata - Better internal parsing
    Enh : Realm - Code refactoring
    Enh : Scheduler - use a lock to acces put_result
    Enh : SchedulingItem - use return_code attribute to remember plugin return code so that it is available in broks.
    Enh : Tests - better Jenkins and Travis integration and Coverall support
    Enh : Tests - Code cleaning
    Enh : Tests - Use assert function from unittest2
    Enh : Triggers - Try except statement when executing them
    Fix : BpRules - '+' was causing segfault in some cases
    Fix : Broker - Crash when sub process goes down
    Fix : Config parsing - Unknown members list is common to all items
    Fix : Daemon - Proper https URL
    Fix : Daemons - Timeout and data timeout for scheduler connexion
    Fix : Daemon - When replacing a daemon kill all processes in the group instead of one pid
    Fix : Datamanager -  Service totals and host totals computation
    Fix : Discovery - Linux hosts with recent nmap versions
    Fix : HTTP API - Code stabilization
    Fix : HTTP API - Realm not displayed in get-all-states call
    Fix : Init scripts - Use last python version
    Fix : Logs - Manage pre-daemon logs.
    Fix : Macroresolver - Move output_macros definition to avoid error in WebUI (eltdetail template)
    Fix : Notifications - Master notifications must not be sent to reactionner so that we scatter them.
    Fix : Passive reactionners are now working
    Fix : Scheduler - Pack size for multi-schedulers environnements. Reduce memory consumption and boot time in big setup.
    Fix : Scheduler - Segfault with circular service dependency loop
    Fix : Scheduler - Skip compensate if daemon is not init
    Fix : SchedulingItem - Bad behavior for use_aggressive_host_checking.
    Fix : SchedulingItem - Up state for a host generates a recovery if necessary
    Fix : SSL - Crash under Windows
    Fix : Timeperiods - remove bad modulo calculation for months
    Fix : Sub-sub-realms where not assigned to higer realms brokers/reactionners
    Fix : Add callbacks for HOSTDOWNTIME and SERVICEDOWNTIME macros