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  • v2.0-RC Changes

    February 10, 2014
    Enh : Replace Pyro layer with HTTP(s) communication layer, still the same ports of course
    Enh : (huge) Business rules enhancement (parsing level, output and tag/group linking) (thanks to Christophe Simon)
    Add : Shinken command line interface (cli) to install packages (module and packs) and serve doc
    Enh : Split configuration files into directory for daemons and objects
    Add : service_check_timeout : customize exit status
    Enh : Ensure LSB path for daemons and default paths
    Del : Nagios(r) references from test dir
    Enh : Test coverage : Tests have now report per file and a global percentage of code coverage is available
    Enh : installation is now possible with "pip install shinken"
    Del : remove the python 2.4/2.5 compatibility. Now shinken need >= 2.6
    Add : definition_order parameter for objects order twins remove, only active for services
    Enh : remove lot of useless configuration file samples
    Enh : do not bail out at startup is a host service is not having a valid host, just raise a warning now
    Add : big doc grok from wiki into rst files into /doc. Thanks guys for this! compile with sphinx
    Add : (from Christophe Simon) Added bp_rule child notification opts management
    Add : (from Christophe Simon) service_overrides attributes to hosts
    Add : (from Jean-charles Delon) manage duplicate_foreach and event_handler
    Add : (from Christophe Simon) Added reversed (negative) xof business rules
    Add : (from Christophe Simon) percentage support to Xof: business rules
    Add : (from Jan Ulferts) enable_environment_macros and disable_environment_macros to commands
    Add : (from Christophe Simon) service excludes feature
    Fix : adjust_worker_by_load was wrong, worker was not created again
    Fix : crash 'c.t_to_go is  None' in scheduler when time change
    Fix : Arbiter parsing (Catch bad service_dependencies, timeperiod definitions)
    Fix : Hosts over-checked when services are critical (don't respect retry_interval)
    Fix : Prevent from returning next time notif in the past (don't over notify).
    Fix : allow the "__ANTI-VIRG__" substring in the configuration files
    Fix : do not send notification after a downtime to a contact that has been notified if notification_interval = 0
    Fix : (reported by : Aina Rakotoson) notification logic failed when reactionners with different reactionner_tags
    Fix : issue with some discovery rules with mutli-keys
    Fix : set the python daemons into unbeffered stdout mode by default, centos guys will love it.
    Fix : some fix on the contact-notifway inheritance
    Fix : (openglx) bin/nagios : forces -v argument to be used as config file
    Fix : (from Christophe Simon) impacts/problems retention loaded services
    Fix : (reported by:fitzdsl) a spare that got a bad configuration can crash when try to send a configuration it do not have in master failback
    Del : Move modules to their own repository! They are now in
    Enh: Bunch of fixes on the most used modules (livestatus, graphite, ws arbiter, ) and test cases added, look at each modules for details
    Del : Move packs to their own repository! They are now in
  • v1.4 Changes

    May 27, 2013
    Add : Change Vsphere SDK Version
    Add : new option for realm : broker complete links, so now a scheduler can give broks to several brokers instead of only one.
    Add : now the arbiter can take its arbiter lookup name from parameter. Use to allow same host to run arbiter in HA for tests.
    Add : macro_modulations objects, to dynamically change the macro based on the timeperiod. Can be useful as check_modulations, but easier to use, so maybe they will simply replace them Use persistent cookies by defaut
    Add : (nerocide) now KEY are expand on the service_dependencies property.
    Add : first version of user/system time catch for checks.
    Add : check_modulations objects.
    Fix : (reported by:Georges Racinet) lot of SSL errors with Pyro3. Fix #839
    Fix : bad offline receiver was too much verbose. Fix #559   
    Fix : (reported by: Beuc) : bad discovery script name. Fix #843 
    FIX : #613 macros was overinding modules list instead of just adding a module. No bug at all just a misleading configuration in macro
    Fix : the mysql python module installation on redhat/centos
    FIX : Jenkins tests + autogeneration of all_tests based on py file in the tests directory
    FIX : Jenkis test scripts : The loop skip empty lines
    Fix : (reported by: miluebbe) catch bad protocol exception in daemons, like a telnet connexion. Fix #829
    Fix : Timeperiod calculation
    Fix : (reported by:darthelmet) bad NOT management for bp_rule and complex expression. Fix #827
    Fix : remove useless print.
    Fix : (reported by:sebguilbaud) bad URL for check_hpasm.
    Fix : try to fix the no log error for scheduler and log level. Need a beter solution.
    Fix : Check if a poller exists to handle services tag.Raise error if not
    Fix : (reported by:boardstretcher) fix #814 about regression since last SSO related patch.
    Fix : get_all_host_names_set functions since 1.2.4.
    Fix : fix #509  now bp_rules can manage multi-levels rules with ()
    Fix : Missing quote in host state notification e-mails
    Fix : (reported by: Johan Svensson) now poller worker crashs are now put in the log.
    Fix : (reported by: flaf and Imrane.Dessai) bad additive inheritance with multiples templates.
    FIX : MySQL-python complainig about outdated version of distribute
    FIX : (by :Alexandre Veyrenc) graphite module now manage perfdata with space in names
    Add : Sqlite to Mongodb logstore converter
    Add : ws_arbiter now supports multiple input values. The ws_arbiter module can now accept a list of metrics to process. See:,846.0.html
    Add : remote_user_variable from wsgi environment, to use set 'remote_user_enable 2'
    Add : collectd header in shinken-specific.cfg
    Add : proper support for counter/derive/absolute datatypes, by taking the derivative. Removed debug logging.
    Add : support for collectd messages. Added support for more than one value in VALUES collectd part. Fixed graphite broker to nicely deal with multiple values. Fixed graphite graphs to support multiple values by sh
    Add : new arbiter module, FileTag, taht will tag a host if it is present in a flat file.    
    Add : support for high resolution time/interval (collectd 5.0), and also added support for derive and absolute types
    Add : AWS arbiter module, to import your hosts from AWS/EC2.
    Add : (reported by: joachim schiele) update the PNP version to the lastest one.
    Ehn : add an optionnal list of hostnames to ignore for iptag module 
    Add : example client for  
    Add : A ZeroMQ pub socket broker for shinken
    Fix : (reported by:Benoit Dunand-Laisin) livestatus command management with json option.
    Fix : (reported by:pepejey) void password in ldap auth module. Fix #822 
    Fix : make the NDO synchronize_database_id option 1 by default to avoid single scheduler mode bug. Make the module far less verbose too.
    Fix : (reported by:Johan Svensson) nrpe booster module now manage more than 1024 simultaneous connexions by switchting from select based poll to a real poll call.
    Fix : mongodb fsync as a parameter
    Fix : invalid variable name causes nrpe_poller crash when recieving SSLError exception
    Fix : (reported by : igup) logstore_mongodb did nt manage the   class filter.
    Fix : Livestatus and pnpgraph_present
    Add : New impact panel design
    Add : jquery triggerd hover effect
    Enh : layout aligned
    Add : font color class
    Add : Update Font Awesome 3.0.2
    Add : auto refresh function to view
    Add : Screenfull lib    
    Add : WebUI start of a geomap, imported from with Remi Buisson auth. Still work to do, for centring the map (wtf....) and give real data.
    Add : [mq]: flupscgi.patch
    Add : fullscreen dashboard menu
    Add : WebUI now manage aggregation in the dep trees, reducing the number of visible elements.
    Add : WebUI Glances view now raise a real error message when fail to connect.
    Add : WebUI /detail view now save the tab on the location hash, so a refresh will put the user in the good tab.
    Add : WebUI can now load an additonnal path for plugins taht can override the default ones.
    Fix : Font color / dashboard
    Fix : get back refresh on dashboard, so widget edit work again.
    Fix : WebUI /impacts now display root problems even if there are lot of them.
    Add : Tooltip to overview bar / eltgroup
    Enh : Enabled refresh disable function / fullscreen
    Enh : Change tab names / system log
    Fix : #776  use "expires" of simplecookie (of Be carefull, "expires" uses String and not Datetime nor TimeStamp see  :
    Fix : #779 : sorting fathers before printing
    Fix : wrong btn alignment for Host Detail Impact
    Fix : Parents werent displayed in webui 
    Fix : Forced check are now handled
    Fix : disable the PickleRetentionArbiter and PickleRetentionBrokerby default. Very advanced modules taht should not be used without
    Fix : currently removing skonf from standard install. If people want to TEST it, they will have to go to the init.d script. This will remove all script-kiddies from testing it and cry because it dont work. Dev are
    Add : properties to ESX Host and ESX VM in discovery_runner
    Add : collectd_disk.trig example
    Fix : remove _fs_custom stuff
    Fix : Modified collectd pack in accordance to proper naming aswell
    Fix : typo in service Disks of linux pack Add new check_disk_custom for linux pack as sample for multi-value duplicate_foreach statement
    Fix : MsSQL packk Typo Add Host Macros for Windows Pack
    Fix : type in _MSSQL_CONNECTION_CRIT
    Fix : type in WARN macros Added Macro definitions in mssql.pack
  • v1.2.4 Changes

    February 11, 2013
    * Fix : LS module crash when bad socket close on the client side.
  • v1.2.3 Changes

    January 30, 2013
    * Fix : (Romain Forlot) wrong plugin owners after installation
    * Fix : (Romain Forlot) add mysql-client for Debian when install the server.
    * Fix : (Romain Forlot) Make arbiter last after all daemons except skonf because of issue 647
    * Fix : (reported by: opc and ppj) get back the arbiter spare management.
    * Fix : Manage sudoers to use nmap by discovery process
    * Fix : Set the HOME var to use the home of shinken, instead of the root's.
    * FIX : #689 add sudo prerequisite
    * Fix : Poller handling of abnormal plugin failures. Non-english shell stderr is captured too
    * Fix : Honor check_for_orphaned_* config params + add time_to_orphanage support for service and host
    * Fix : bad_start test for environments where groupname != username
    * Fix : Daemon timeout and receiver module options descriptions
    * Fix : bad import in shinken-admin
    * Fix : add default pack_distribution_file to nagios.cfg file, so it fix #576
    * Fix : (reported by: ethtricks) manage hosts macros addressX. Fix #640
    * Fix : (reported by: Rémi BUISSON, fixed by Olivier Hanesse) the "too much notification" bug after a restart, and also a potential bug for hosts downtimes overlap.
    * Fix : (By : Olivier Hanesse) schedule times load from retention were used even if the time was past, and make launch a bunch of useless checks.
    * Fix : (from rdumonnet) and remove alias for generic-host, so the value will be used from real hosts instead.
    * Fix : more Pyro exceptions handling
    * Fix : new way of parsing the complex expressions for hostgroups and templates. Fix #676
    * Add : (Jean-francois BUTKIEWICZ) Windows installation for shinken, using .net services instead of instsrv.
    * Add : (Romain Forlot) distro support to install notify_by_xmpp
    * Add : (Denetariko) Added pnp4nagios, multisite and nagvis add-on's config folders into restore function (prior version didn't restore them)
    * Add : (from : Joel Ramat) include the -property feature in discovery.
    * Add : making orphanage time configurable
    * Add : first version of a Trending broker module, and libexec scripts.
    * Add : auto-magically add the shinken root dir parent to the PYTHONPATH environ variable in the daemons if the shinken lib is nout found.
    * Fix : Canopsis module - File handler and os path join
    * Fix : LiveStatus Correct bug with indexed access connected to issue #648.
    * Fix : let livestatus handle display_name correctly
    * Fix : (from Nicolas Pichon) Graphite, URI generation when using datasource, _GRAPHITE_PRE and _GRAPHITE_post
    * Add : (from Thibault Cohen) realm and poller_tag attributes in Livestatus module
    * Add : mongodb replicat set management in the scehduler retention module.
    * Add : hot host dependencies with libvirt
    * Add : Better handling of Carbon connection.
    * Add : (from Nicolas DUPEUX) SO_REUSEADDR to nsca sock to allow fast stop/start
    * Fix : WebUI manage service description with / for actions.
    * Fix : skonf stop script
    * Fix : (reported by:sebguilbaud) fix #668  : was not managed in webui for names.
    * Add : (from : Caez) webui,auth manage the $1$ htpasswd md5 way.
    * Add : (From Frescha) shinken informations
    * Add : (from Frescha) Logout link moved to admin submenu and submenu moved to the right
    * Add : (from Steve Schnepp) dashboard/currently, use a 24H clock format
    * Add : "Beta" badge
    * Add : caps lock detection login form
    * Fix : discovery for safekit cluster
    * Add : postgreSQL monitoring pack
    * Add : first part of tomcat pack. This pack need a proper installation of jmx4perl on shinken server (or poller) and a proper installation off jolokia
  • v1.2.2 Changes

    October 22, 2012
    * Fix : bug in scheduler when next check was impossible.
  • v1.2.1 Changes

    October 22, 2012
    * Add : Landscape (ubuntu SaaS) arbiter importer module
    * Fix : (reported by: Yannig Perre) bad contacts/notifways notif periods were not caught
    * Fix : Realm objects were not being stripped when hostgroups were used
    * Fix : (reported by : Rémi BUISSON) there was still realm objects on sub-conf hostgroups objects
    * Fix : Issue #588 Graphite Templates formatting
    * Fix : (from Nicolas Boos) output an error at setup if the lsb_release
    * Fix : make service property service_dependencies take a void hostname
    * Fix : broker failed to initialize new modules when it get a new configuration
    * Fix : Restore Python 2.4 compatibility for test suite
    * Fix : (reported by: Dravail) bad install for PNP in install script
    * Fix : Cleanup shinken-specific-* files
    * Fix : (from : xkillian) less time latency between checks, so perfdata modules won't lost some checks anymore
    * Fix : (Reported by pushou) graphite_broker typo in logger call 
    * Fix : a bug in livestatus "GET log" for python 2.4 (no partition method)
    * Fix : No override mongo replication state levels
    * Fix : Correct livestatus commands table. Fix #520
    * Fix : (Reported by igup) Livestatus Issue 628 UTF8 not decoded in query matching == 
    * Add : Business impact Filter
    * Add : Multiple action URLS (Thanks to h4wkmoon)
    * Add : (Thanks GAULUPEAU Jonathan) Webui, move the show/hide tool bar button 
    * Fix : Dynamic reload of widget after save
    * Fix : bug in active_directory_ui for unknown users
    * Fix : typo in javascript for bookmarks
    * Fix : Bookmark Business impact Filter
    * Fix : Issue #570 gear.png
    * Fix : (Thanks jhurliman) check_mongodb invalid option -C 
    * Fix : Missing IMAPS/POPS ports
    * Fix : update check_nwc_health install to the 1.3 version.
    * Fix : Typo in Packs.tpl and accept packs with no services
    * Fix : invalid nmap parameter
  • v1.2 Changes

    August 31, 2012
    * Add : Skonf daemon, as a configuration UI over the discovery lib
    * Add : Triggers to the scheduler. This code is launched after each "check"
    * Add : issue #349 (from David Guenault) Installation script now has a backup repository for installing MK Multisite.
    * Add : option to skip mongo installation. Useful for poller installation that does not need mongo to be installed.
    * Add : daemon_enabled option for ini and nagios.cfg files to disable a daemon from running.
    * Add : (by Hartmut Goebel and xkilian) huge work to replace old log code by a logging based one, print to logger, adjust levels, messages, typos
    * Add : (by Hartmut Goebel) huge code cleaning
    * Add : install script available at the address.
    * Add : make the daemon and the module names appears on the process line (setproctitle mode)
    * Add : receiver can now send directly commands to schedulers. (direct_routing)
    * Add : HOSTREALM macro for host/service.
    * Add : 'address' directive into generated host by discovery
    * Add : (reported by : Mathias Fussenegger) enhance the README, to just put install script way. Put other methods in the packagers and dev files.
    * Add : reload option for the init script. Fix #385
    * Add : install script: trap signals INT, TERM with a cleanup function
    * Add : USR2 signal management for the scheduler to dump objects (checks, notification, event handlers and broks)
    * Add : Reorganize Configuration file in sections. More consistent layout. Clarify the role and scope of shinken-specific.cfg.
    * Add : Use the new folder "graphite" for graphite templates. Existing templates should be prefixed with .graph, and move to that folder.
    * Add : the not list for services generators. So the primary list can be automatically generated, and the user can just maintain the not one.
    * Add : (from Lars Hansson) manage Apache2 htpasswd crypt pass.
    * Add : Allow running shinken satellites in a NATted environment
    * Add : shinken-packs to easily create .zip pack files
    * Add : Hostd daemon, for running website
    * Add : multi-layers discovery, with rules on runners.
    * Add : discoveryrule_order so the admin can manage the template order in a more easy way than with the order in the file
    * Add : support for Linux Mint
    * Add : nmap discovery speedup, and skonf scan part.
    * Add : support to explode_hostgroup directive
    * Add : new external command, PROCESS_SERVICE_OUTPUT and host, same than check_result for passive, but with no return code.
    * Add : configurable logging level (per daemon)
    * Add : shinken-admin can now change logging levels during runtime (Guillaume Bour)
    * Add : now passive checks take their timestamp from the external command instead of the received time.
    * Add : pre-serialize the configurations in the arbiter before going in daemon, and so kill the previous instance. (startup boost)
    * Add : brok time part boost, with less useless objects sent, like contacts, timeperiods or commands. (big startup boost)
    * Add : host pack dispatching history is saved in a pickle file, so we will be able to push same objects in the same scheduler
    * Add : arbiter -p options for dumping profile
    * Add : (thibault cohen) Added hook in Scheduler daemon to permit the use of the Shinken SNMP poller module, SnmpBooster.
    * Fix : (from raphaeltr) Typo in mysql monitoring pack command arguments
    * Fix : Fix minor installation issues on centos/redhat. Mainly on services activation and pnp
    * Fix : escalation issue when we restart the scheduler during the escalation process. Should fix #525
    * Fix : potential endless loop on bp_rule + parent relation ship, and problem/impact setting. Fix #198
    * Fix : bad characters in external commands make logging not happy at all. Fix #498
    * Fix : bad start for arbiter with Pyro4 and enable_ssl=1.
    * Fix : issue #272 where the shinken user home was forced to be in /home and that make some system not eligible to install.
    * Fix : Pyro 4.14 issue, where we remove every where the MSG_WAITALL for all where it was useful only for first Pyro4 version. Fix #345
    * Fix : Update format of log message to be less prone to breaking
    * Fix : $USERn$ macros aren't published in env anymore
    * Fix : Nconf installation : apache was not restarted after dependency installation.
    * Fix : (reported by : D.Durieux) remove the self.process link for a killed action, because such object cant be pickle.
    * Fix : spare arbiter now take the lead is the master is never start. Fix #231
    * Fix : (reported by Sven) the configuration loader was not following symlinks. BEWARE : on python 2.4 and 2.5 it is NOT managed.
    * Fix : (reported by : Sven) space in hostgroups problems. Fix #452
    * Fix : (reported by : Nicolas DUPEUX) : bad DISABLE_HOST_FRESHNESS_CHECKS and ENABLE_HOST_FRESHNESS_CHECKS code fix #376
    * Fix : (reported by : Chettor) #342 comments from downtime and ack where not put in the global list, and so not removed
    * Fix : catch a case where service dep got no hostname nor hostgroup_name.
    * Fix : issue with retention and notification that make notification not sent.
    * Fix : (reported by banderas07, analysed by : Radu Gheorghe) :  #401 escalation notification_interval issue
    * Fix : disable 'FLAPPINGSTART', 'FLAPPINGSTOP', 'FLAPPINGDISABLED' notifications during downtimes.
    * Fix : issue #404 to treat Tracebacks correctly for Pyro3 and Pyro4.
    * Fix : Op5 guys changed the name of to so now we host a copy of the plugin to workaround problems
    * Fix : (Reported by : Morkxy, fixed by : Lars Hansson) change deprecated md5 by haslib.
    * Fix : add a check_type attribute for checks
    * Fix : remove illegal char from service_description when duplicated
    * Fix : wrong name for mongodb debian packages
    * Fix : CHANGE_HOST_CHECK_TIMEPERIOD apply to a host not a service
    * Fix : (from : CHAMLEY Stephane) add notifications_enabled to the retention data.
    * Fix : (reported by : Nicolas DUPEUX) #244 missing from_q property for regenerator.
    * Fix : (reported by : Akiooutori) fix #325 (missing SOCK_REUSE in some pyro versions) .
    * Fix : (From : Michael COQUARD) build with simple user.
    * Fix : missing mongo dependency for debian like distro < 6
    * Fix : mongodb 10gen repo configuration path was not found on redhat/centos
    * Add: (from: xkilian and Thibault Cohen) Graphite broker supports pickle protocol, bulk updates and buffers output when it can't connect to Carbon daemons
    * Add: (from: Thibault Cohen and ???) Graphite broker replaces invalid caracters by _ and supports negative values
    * Add: (from: xkilian and Thibault Cohen) Graphite broker adds _PRE_GRAPHITE and _POST_GRAPHITE host or service macros to each dot delimited data name
    * Add: (from: Claneys Skyne) Graphite broker Create additionnal data points for warning and critical thresholds per data value
    * Add: (from Romain Forlot) Graphite broker Compile regex
    * Add: (from: bclermont) Graphite broker add graphite_data_source variable between hostname and service name in data to Graphite
    * Add : a read_only option to logstore_sqlite
    * Add : Finalyse the time filter to avoid loading all the logs database in use_aggressive_sql=0 mode
    * Add : Added more hints for the livestatus query metadata resulting in massive speedup for Nagvis, Multisite, Thruk
    * Add : Creating new authentification module for OpenLDAP directory service
    * Add : Most modules do not raise Warning if the module need (like python-ldap for active directory, etc) but instead raise a real Exception
    * Add : Collectd template with trigger sample.
    * Add : First working version of Canopsis broker module
    * Add : Use usjon optional import to improve LS output performance
    * Add : NDO add table prefix as a parameter.
    * Add : (Thibault Cohen) Livestatus will now only store STATE messages and no longer any general logs in logstores
    * Add : (Nicolas Dupeux) TSCA module documentation updated and files consolidated in modules sections of the code
    * Fix : issue #450 (from vaxvms) removed thrift broker, similar to Livestatus, as it is unmaintained.
    * Fix : MerlinDB for Ninja UI, removed documentation and marked as deprecated, as it is unmaintained.
    * Fix : (from : Frédéric Pégé) make the sqlite db files put in a good default place, in devel mode or init.d mode.
    * Fix : the program_start attribute in livestatus status table
    * Fix : (reported by : Nicolas Dupeux) remove a useless method in logstore_sqlite, and add a protection against endless loops. Fix #374
    * Fix : Livestatus allowed_hosts options does not work
    * Fix : Call the right function for !=~ LQL filter (livestatus)
    * Fix : do not push back monitoring status in GLPI database when the host configuration does not come from GLPI
    * Fix : a bug in livestatus module and add the attribute host.event_handler (needed by Thruk)
    * Add : UI /detail full rewrite. Thanks Andreas!!
    * Add : UI new dashboard!
    * Add : (from Mael Vincent, julien pilou, Gael Millet, Damien Mathieu and hugo viricel) new /mobile part!
    * Add : Enable easy activation of application monitoring performance feature. Use ./install --enableeue to enable eue feature
    * Add : WebUI in a /problem page a user can now press the sift key and over the selection tick to select them. It make easier for massive selection
    * Add : UI sqlite backend to save common preferences
    * Add : the page to save common prefs
    * Add : webui, /depgraph, now add a loop and loop_time option, to make the graph root change between important elements.
    * Add : sound on new non-acknowledge IT problem (disabled by default)
    * Add : UI /detail now dep graph is also print on a tab, so this feature will be more visible.
    * Add : UI /problems add the downtime filtering.
    * Add : UI /problems filtering by ack state.
    * Fix : (reported by : Vincent Riquer) WebUI do not print 1970 for 0 time, but N/A instead. issue fix #241
    * Fix : (reported by : xkilian) WebUI would not display names containing dots.
    * Add : discovery packs for ibm storage management and beginning of clustering solutions discovery
    * Add : cluster discovery for Safekit and HACMP.
    * Add : snmp plugins for AIX to monitor VG, inode, HACMP and Safekit
    * Add : first 2nd level real discovery script, here for listing windows shares, like shares or printers. It auto-hide the $ ones.
    * Add : (Camille Vacquie): AIX service pack
    * Add : SNI support to https and https certificate checks
    * Add : pack/os/linux - check_linux_network_usage - use last_perfdata to determin bandwidth
    * Add : commands for notification by XMPP (Jabber)
    * Add : a basic rsync check template in the network/services pack.
    * Add : macros for Basic HTTP authentification in the HTTP(S) services templates.
    * Fix : The check_mysql_health plugin need a : sign after the thresholds for greater is better metrics.
    * Fix : generic corrupted block oracle database check
    * Fix : call sudo to execute SMcli into IBM_DS plugins
    * Add : (from xkilian, MathieuMD,  Claneys Skyne, H4wkmoon, etc.) Wiki documentation in-depth renewal of Getting Started pages for new users
    * Add : Monitoring Pack documentation, modules, installation, FAQ , diagrams, scaling shinken, dev+user resources, etc.
    * Add : dummy_broker module example.
  • v1.0.1 Changes

    March 13, 2012
    * Fix: recovery contacts were lost after a restart
    * Fix: allow } in commands if it's not alone in the line
    * Fix: (from: Laurent Ollagnier) typo on mysql pack
    * Fix: issue #214 (shinken-admin catches backtrace for lost connections)
    * Fix: inheritance with +
    * Fix: ticket #213 This will manage cases where an active satellite dies and there is no spare. It's useful for pollers where spare is not so interesting.
    * Fix: (reported by: H4wkmoon) time change compensation lead to a scheduler crash when objets don't get check perdios or notification periods.
    * Fix: manage LARGE output from sub commands (>64k). Only works under Unix for now, because it uses the fcntl module
    * Fix: (reported by: Unicow) bug in escalations, there were too many escalations raised
    * Fix: (from: Arthur Gautier) fix buildpath
    * Fix: (From: Thomas Meson) Various fixes in and add missing files to build the package
    * Add: many GLPI module enhancements, with new properties managed
    * Fix: check_esx3 install under ubuntu 32bits edition
    * Fix: multisite layout, add custom links
    * Fix: workaround problem with official pyro3 under Debian squeeze. Use pyro4 instead of the official one
    * FIX: #210 added test of parent target folder. if it does not exist then create it
    * Fix: HTML in sendmails
    * Fix: a bug in livestatus attribute action_url_expanded.
    * Fix: (reported by: Jonathan Gaulupeau) ip_tag was launch too late to access check_command objets.
    * Fix: (By: zllak) ndodb_mysql_broker module was not working on python2.5
    * Fix: Fix a bug in livestatus Service.contact_groups
    * Fix: Sort alphabeticaly in WebUI
  • v1.0 Changes

    February 28, 2012
    * Add: script and with a LOT of features for setup and configuration management.
    * Add: better logging for warnings for host, service and npcd configuration
    * Add: poller daemon will use all available CPUs by default
    * Add: poller daemon can now load standard external modules like namedPipe to get external commands from it
    * Add: brok queue watchdog for satellites, activated for Broker by default at 100000 broks to kill/restart the module..
    * Add: if the run/var directories are missing, try to create them in the init.d script.
    * Add: service templates can now be applied on a host template
    * Add: reactionner can run under android
    * Add: android SMS module
    * Add: imlemented a check for dead queue threads. When detected restarts the thread
    * Add: mail python script
    * Add: better error text when the pickle load gets an error
    * Add: manage connexion timeouts in the broker and Pyro4
    * Add: $$ are now interpreted as $ in macro solving
    * Add: (reported by: sduchesneau) now has a timeout. It is set by default at 10s
    * Add: business rules now support the NOT operand
    * Add: send broks in external modules as a biglist instead of n broks. It's more efficient (X3 perf for this, can be huge time for huge conf)
    * Add: templates for monitoring common devices and services are now included
    * Add: manage \; to be changed in ; without cutting the rest of the line to be removed as a comment
    * Add: (reported by: foobar1111) arbiter only matched hostname, and not fqdn. Now it will try fqdn and then the hostname.
    * Add: retention is now enabled by default at installation time (Pickle)
    * Add: (From Michael Leinartas) man pages updates
    * Add: '+' in discovery rule management, so you can 'add' something, like a template
    * Add: using an undefined template in the configuration is no longer a critical error, just a warning.
        So the user can just 'tag' hosts first and then create the template
    * Add: Sebastien Coavoux conducted a large code review! :)
    * Add: xkilian reviewed and corrected many many pages of the wiki documentation and a few english fixes in the distribution :)
    * Add: skonf daemon preview. It is not yet meant for production, but is included to get feedback
    * Add: mongodb insert capabilities for the discovery
    * Add: TIMEPERIOD TRANSITION logs from the Arbiter to get timeperiods transition output
    * Add: is_admin property is now available for contacts
    * Add: make the nmap discovery do tcp and udp scan
    * Add: (Victor Igumnov) installation for Solaris
    * Fix: use StringIO to read configuration files into a string (much faster with lots of config files)
    * Fix: (reported by: lminoza) bug in inheritance if templates give only a + elements, should continue to loop and not stop here.
    * Fix: keep multiple spaces in config files. (check_command!"args   " were stripped)
    * Fix: pyro 4.10 management
    * Fix: (reported by: MINOZA, Landy) multi-layer management for service template on host template. So if you apply a service on layer 3 and your host inherit from layer1->layer2
    * Fix: (reported by: Thibaut Notteboom) catch ConnectionClosedError on poller/reactionner connections
    * Fix: A better safe_print
    * Fix: lot of encoding stuff!
    * FIX: proxy support and python-setuptools installation on RHEL/CENTOS 6
    * Fix: (reproted by: darkweaver87) somethimes we got a malformed external command. If so, bailout and warn in debug mode.
    * Fix: when there is a dispatching problem, the arbiter send and send again the same configuration to satellites.
    * Fix: crash bug when timezone set in config file
    * Fix: make all log pass the utf8 management
    * Fix: use auto-generated, absolute path for README (Daniel Widerin)
    * Fix: last line of email notification must finish by a \n otherwise it will not be sent (Laurent Ollagnier)
    * Fix: (from rootix2) catch case where service do not have imported_from from modules.
    * Fix: (reported by: Venelin Petkov) print in hostgroup names was a problem.
    * Fix: if a scheduler restarted, we got problem because the arbiter did not resend it the configuration
    * Fix: "host_notification_period" and "service_notification_period" defined twice in the contact definition (Fournet Matthieu)
    * Fix: (reported by: Httqm) default notification_interval was one minute, 1hour is better.
    * Fix: (reported by: sprudhomme) longoutput parsing and perfdata did not follow nagios way.
    * Fix: change sourceforgetrac with github in tracebacks.
    * Fix: (reported by: lminoza) too many notifications for a contact with multiple notification methods, all where sent when only some would pass filter.
    * Fix: (reported by: puisea) kill all sub process action tree on unix
    * Fix: flaw on multiple date and multiple timerange
    * Fix: if missing alias in objects, put the name if available
    * Fix: (reported by: denetariko) manage spaces before and after type name in define line
    * Fix: (reported by: Steve Kieu) missing get_name() method for config
    * Fix: (reported by: Mihai Efrim) flapping notifications
    * Add: rewrite the LiveStatus module, performance boost and simpler. Thanks Gerhard for this huge undertaking!
    * Add: two new modules for storing livestatus logs. sqlite and mongodb
    * Add: graphite module for the Broker to export performance data to a Graphite time series database.
    * Add: module to deal with flat file dependencies
    * Add: mongodb module for the arbiter, to load hosts object from it
    * Add: mongodb retention module
    * Add: the Service-perfdata module now open/close the perfdata file each second. So it's compatible with tools like Centreon that move it
    * Add: macros supported in skonf. Lots of bug fixes
    * Add: merlindb now inserts host_contactgroups
    * Add: NDO Nagios/Shinken mix in database (Sebastien Coavoux)
    * Add: port option for the mysql connexion with NDO
    * Add: ip_tag module that can change configuration properties based on the host IP address or IP address range.
    * Add: simulation mode for the nmap disco wrapper, so we can ask for xml output from users, and then simulate it easily.
    * Add: new process for nmap discovery output. There is no longer a big mapping pass. It will output what it can, and it's for the discovery_rule to do this job now,
        it's far more a BIG thanks to all folks that send me sample xml output :)
    * Add: enhanced capabilities for the mysql import module (OlivierHa)
    * Fix: useless and dangerous str in redis module.
    * FIX: htpasswd.users file was not correctly updated at installation
    * Fix: (reported by: DGuenault) hack_poller_tag_by_macros was not applying poller_tag to commands, only root objects
    * Fix: memcache and redis retention modules. They were loading notifications->contacts->commands but this class got slots but no __getstate__
    * Fix: (reported by: sprudhomme): long_output in ndo for 1.4b9 version
    * Fix: NSCA, a loop when the client initiate the socket closing
    * Add: now page rendering can be launched in parallel, and so page can now call 'long' queries without breaking all. But during a long query, we still cannot eat broks.
    * Fix: the WebUI now exits when the brok thread encounters a problem
    * Add: UI PNP module
    * Add: if contact is not is_admin, then the /problems view only shows its related elements (if he is a contact of the elemetn, of an impact or a source problems one).
    * Add: add graph time selection in the detail page
    * Add: Graphite graph backend
    * Add: /mobile part
    * Add: External Authentification for WebUI (SSO) (olivierHa)
    * Add: tips on the eltgraph view
    * Fix: acknowledge typo
    * Fix: Change the scale of the impact view divs
    * Fix: UI page navigation should not propose page too high if not need
    * Add: gesture canvas as smaller and visible
    * Add: address to the eltdetail.tpl
    * Fix: utf8 names in the UI
    * Add: allow_html_output parameter for the WebUI
    * Add: generic perfometer manager for the UI
    * Fix: search button (Thanx to pydubreucq)
    * Add: make all nodes apears in the dep graph, but hidden one in very smalls
    * Add: perfometer image hovering with the graph module like PNP
    * Add: password iphone like in the login screen
    * Add: an orange outline to see where the focus is on input
  • v0.8 Changes

    October 17, 2011
    * Add: WebUI broker module. More info in the UI changelog part.
    * Add: (by: Vincent Riquer) no_event_handlers_during_downtimes parameter to choose between nagios and shinken behavior to (not) run event handlers during a downtime.
    * Add: added RUN var relocation in shinken default file
    * Add: support for serviceextinfo
    * Add: support for hostextinfo
    * Add: a workdir parameter in the nagios.cfg file for set the arbiter working directory
    * Add: modules for modules. Will be useful for the global configuration in the WebUI (it's a module, but will need additonnal modules)
    * Add: alternative installation method in contrib
    * Add: shinken-admin command that can connect to an arbiter and ask daemons status.
    * Add: discovery runners timeout parameter. Set by default at one hour.
    * Add: rename criticity into business_impact for hosts and services. Criticity is automatically mapped into business_impact in the configuration reading, and rename min_criticity into min_business_impact for contacts and notifways. And keep a mapping for old conf.
    * Add: if set to 0, min_workers will set the pollers/reactionners to use ALL cpus of the server.
    * Add: business modulation objects.
    * Add: new tests for A,B,Cof: rules and a fix for the default return logic.
    * Add: arbiter ask one a check_interval the managed conf for satellites. Makes for smoother decisions.
    * Fix: BugFix Pyro4 compatibility
    * fix: try to fix bad notification output make scehduler crash.
    * Fix: (Seb-Solon) catch incomplet service group members
    * Fix: bad message for arbiter in HA without host_name value.
    * Fix: (reported by: fraggod): inline comment in boolean cause an arbiter crash when lookup conf.
    * Fix: (reported by titilambert) bug about linkify and templates, so need to clean search lists after remove templates.
    * Fix: (reported by Vincent Riquer ) Pyro got problem in connect() and so need a low socket timeout by default.
    * Fix: (reported by: grim) manage flap_detection_enabled and enable_flap_detection
    * Fix: when disable active check was done, the pending check was still executed, so the effect was not immediate. Now we change it as a dumym check with curretn value the value of the host/service.
    * Fix: where the config setting log_external_commands was ignored
    * Fix: (reported by: obiouane) missing object value is now reported correctly.
    * Fix: (Etienne Obriot) multiple = in macos values
    * Fix: a bug in where resource macros containing a "=" were not correctly processed. Thanks Etienne
    * Fix: (reported by Seb-Solon) custome macros get problems in notifications.
    * Fix: (reported by: Michael Grundmann) a service for a void hostgroup and a host exclusion was reporting a bad conf instead if forgot this service.
    * Fix: (Reported by: Dirk Hallanzy) was not launching under XP due to some pid file creation bad mode.
    * Fix: (reported by: Vincent Riquer) now a spare broker can be send to sleep again by the arbiter. It will clean its queues and stop modules.
    * Fix: arbiter crash with a spare and the new smoothing wat i managed behavior.
    * Fix: Change default check/eventhandler/notification timeouts and flap thresholds to make nagios more compatible to shinken.
    * fix: Better handling of check timeouts (there was an empty output)
    * fix: Log notification and eventhandler timeouts
    * Fix: (reported by: Denis GERMAIN) service with no description cause a host problem in linking phase.
    * Fix: (reported by: Seb-Solon) manage utf8 in host and service perfdata.
    * Fix: protect broker agains module taht ask for full instance init about unknown scheduler.
    * Fix: (reported by Markus Elger) add next schedule date in the retention data.
    * Fix: (reported by: Olivier Hanesse) bad realm configuration was not detected for satellites.
    * Fix: (reported by:Markus Elger) bad host count in realms.
    * Fix: (reported by:Markus Elger) bad host reaml conf were not detected.
    * Add: module for autotagging poller_tag from a custom macro.
    * Add: create the simple-log archive dir automatically if it doesn't exist
    * Add: Initial import of the thrift broker with a sample client in python
    * Add: Initial import of TSCA, Thrift Service Check Acceptor
    * Add: Module arbiter load all configuration from GLPI (plugin monitoring) bywebservice
    * Add: a new module to import configuration data (hosts/services) from a MySQL database
    * NDO/MySQL:
    * Add: current_notification_number in the ndo module.
    * Add: last_notification in ndo module.
    * Add: last_state_change to the ndo module.
    * Add: add the is_flapping data to broks and update teh ndo module so it update the value.
    * Add: percent_state_change as check_result brok and in the ndo module.
    * Add: Derive the archives filenames from the main livestatus db
    * Add: Rewrite the livestatus sqlite code. Now there is one database file with logging events for each day.
    *!!: If you have a huge livestatus.db it is recommended to stop shinken and run the script contrib/livestatus/
    * Add: the livestatus sqlite db will now be opened in do_start() instead of init(). Now only the livestatus process has an open filehandle. (the main broker process had one too)
    * Add: Make the livestatus socket world read/writable
    * Add: the REUSEADDR flag to livestatus's socket. Thanks Olivier Hanesse
    * Add: performance improvement for livestatus queries with Limit:
    * Fix: important bugfix in ncpdmod
    * Fix: Livestatus path database
    * Fix: string comparison for livestatus. None is equivalent to empty string
    * Fix: collumn name change in merlin ds.
    * Fix: (reported by: Seb-Solon) bad contact group insert in objects in NDO
    * Fix: (reported by: seb-solon) bad contact group id in NDO
    * Fix: (seb-solon) ndo contacts were not registered with the good id.
    * Fix: add the flap_detection_enabled in the ndo status tables too. (I love duplicate data...)
    * Fix: the ndo module with is_flapping value for update states.
    * Fix: (reported by: Ronny Lindner & Markus Elger) LiveStatus crash in log parsing.
    * Fix: (reported by: Ronny Lindner) fix status.dat module with utf8 characters
    * Fix: (reported by: Olivier Hanesse) nrpe module did not tag the check_time value for checks, and so pnp and other tools were not happy. BP rules were alike.
    * Fix: (reported by Markus Elger) LiveStatus module did not clean previously added elements before recreating them.
    * Add: Andreas to main contributors :)
    * Add: welcome text and error text in the login page.
    * Add: make appears on the dep graph only interesting elements, so near the root or hosts or service in real problems. Far more redable with huge conf.
    * Add: default http backend auto, so if a better one (paste, cehrrypy) is founded, use it instead of the simple swsgi.
    * Add: less info in the detail page, with a moee button for rarely used infos.
    * Add: dock effect for actions buttons on /problems.
    * Add: /system page with satellites info in it.
    * Add: search form in the problems page, with autocompletion. Search problems and impacts names too.
    * Add: new way of handling cookies. Now it's a crypted way, and so stateless. Needto remove all session file thing so.
    * Add: in cfg file password for users, or AD or apache passwd file
    * Add: AD module that will get user photos from Ldap.
    * Add: icon sets: network_service, servers., disk, database
    * Add: gesture management for the detail page.
    * Add: parallax effect in the top right banner to see huge impacts
    * Add: make known bad nodes shown in the dep tree, so the admin don't even have to expand and find the bad thing that cause him a problem. Lasy admin mdoe on :)
    * Add: swtich buttons for ths hostdetail page for enable/disable things.
    * Add: if you change host topology (new dependency like fror VMotion), the UI is updated too.