Flux v1.15.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-10-02 // 16 days ago
  • This feature release adds secure support for Git over HTTPS, updates kubectl and kustomize, and does a lot of internal rewiring without changing user-visible functions or the public APIs. From this release forward, garbage collection, namespace scoping, and manifest generation are no longer considered experimental.

    🛠 Fixes

    • ♻️ Reinstate git-secret support after accidentally breaking it during a refactor that landed in 1.14.0 fluxcd/flux#2429
    • 🛠 Fix error handling in splitConfigFilesAndRawManifestPaths fluxcd/flux#2455

    ✨ Enhancements

    • 👌 Support secure Git over HTTPS using credentials from environment variables fluxcd/flux#2470
    • ➕ Add a flag --sync-timeout, for configuring the timeout of sync operations. This is mainly of interest to people making use of the manifest generation feature, or people who are operating exceptionally large Git repositories fluxcd/flux#2481
    • ⚡️ Update kubectl to 1.14.7 and kustomize to 3.2.0 fluxcd/flux#2461
    • De-experimental-ise garbage collection, namespace scoping, and manifest generation features fluxcd/flux#2485
    • 👌 Improve logged warning about unsupported automated resource kinds fluxcd/flux#2471

    📚 Maintenance and documentation

    • ⬆️ Build: upgrade Go to 1.13.1 fluxcd/flux#2482
    • 🏗 Build: avoid spurious diffs in generated files by fixing their modtimes to Unix epoch fluxcd/flux#2473
    • ⚡️ Build: update Kind, used for end-to-end tests, to 0.5.1 fluxcd/flux#2461
    • 🏗 Build: simplify the files included in snapcraft.yaml fluxcd/flux#2427
    • 🏗 Build: stop publishing Docker images to Weaveworks' DockerHub fluxcd/flux#2491
    • 🚀 Build: republish Git tag with a v prefix during release, to make it available to Go Mod fluxcd/flux#2491
    • Code: change import paths from weaveworks to fluxcd fluxcd/flux#2305
    • 📦 Code: move all packages to pkg/ fluxcd/flux#2464
    • ✏️ Code: fix some typos in comments fluxcd/flux#2478
    • 📚 Documentation: update organization mentions (weaveworks -> fluxcd) fluxcd/flux#2430
    • 📚 Documentation: remove values. prefix from annotation examples fluxcd/flux#2436
    • 📚 Documentation: include installation instructions for fluxctl on Windows using Chocolatey fluxcd/flux#2457
    • 📚 Documentation: provide some additional links within the documentation to using Flux with Kustomize, Helm, or Flagger fluxcd/flux#2358
    • 📚 Documentation: reflow commit customization bits in fluxctl documentation fluxcd/flux#2459
    • 📚 Documentation: small .flux.yaml documentation improvements fluxcd/flux#{#2466, #2467}
    • 📚 Documentation: remove mention of mergePatchUpdater in .flux.yaml documentation, as it is not a thing fluxcd/flux#2469
    • 📚 Documentation: use flux as a default namespace in deploy/ examples fluxcd/flux#2475
    • 📚 Documentation: fix incorrectly documented Helm chart repository fluxcd/flux#2484
    • 📚 Documentation: update the documented fluxctl output fluxcd/flux#2489
    • 📚 Documentation: fix --git-path argument in 'get started' and 'driving Flux' tutorials fluxcd/flux#{#2423, #2424}
    • 📚 Documentation: add HMCTS and WGTwo as production users (🎉) fluxcd/flux#{#2458, #2450}


    🚀 Tip of the hat and many thanks to @davidpristovnik, @dananichev, @Keralin, @domgoodwin @luxas, @squaremo, @stefanprodan, @hiddeco, @elzapp, @nodanero, @dholbach, @stealthybox, @arsiesys, @alexmt, @DarinDouglass, @holger-wg2, @chrisfowles, @timja, @2opremio, @adusumillipraveen for contributions to this release.

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