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Build single-codebase applications for Windows, Web, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android with open-source Uno Platform. Fluent and Material design included in-the-box. Try now via 3 min tutorial.


Event Driven Operations and ChatOps platform for infrastructure management. Written in Python.
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Setup Continuous Delivery with GitHub Actions

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Agile, Free, Open Source Project Management Tool based on the Kanban and Scrum methods.
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Linux Basics for Beginners

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IDE by the people behind KDE.
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Split Testing With Netlify

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Library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL DBS.
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IT infrastructure and application monitoring for service performance.
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A coding coach to help you write better code faster

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ShellHub enables teams to easily access any Linux device behind firewall and NAT.
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Roundup Issue Tracker

An Issue-Tracking System for Knowledge Workers
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A powerful and popular email spam filter employing a variety of detection technique.
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Python-based toolkit for continuous integration.
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Do you use Linux?

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Project collaboration with open source.
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Top 20 useful k8s tools

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Kubernetes cron jobs: a hands-on guide to optimally configured crons

Kubernetes is super effective on running cron jobs as well as other web application workloads. Kubernetes cron job is a special kind of Kubernetes job that runs on a time-based schedule. In this post, we will focus on how to run optimally configured cron jobs on Kubernetes.
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Web-based network monitoring and graphing tool.
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Packer v1.5.5

A new version of Packer has been released
New Version


New multi-server web interface for Linux servers written in C.
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How do you wrap your head around observability?

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Awesome SysAdmin Newsletter » 235

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