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Firewall and Router FreeBSD distribution.
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A Feature rich remote desktop application for linux and other unixes.
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VCP: Why did you give up your VMware certs?

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check_mk vs Zabbix

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  • check_mk - Collection of extensions for Nagios.
  • Zabbix - Enterprise-class software for monitoring of networks and applications.

Duplicati vs BorgBackup

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  • Duplicati - Store securely encrypted backups on cloud storage services!
  • BorgBackup - A fork of Attic deduplicating backup program written in Python.

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Multibackend monitoring web interface with support for Naemon, Nagios, Icinga and Shinken.
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Need help configuring Comcast EDI and EPL

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The collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia.
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UrBackup vs Bacula

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  • UrBackup - Another client-server backup system.
  • Bacula - Another Client-server model backup tool.

TimeShift vs Back In Time

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  • TimeShift - System restore tool for Linux
  • Back In Time - Back In Time - A simple backup tool for Linux


An extendable open source continuous integration server.
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LibreNMS vs Zabbix

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  • LibreNMS - fork of Observium.
  • Zabbix - Enterprise-class software for monitoring of networks and applications.

Server 2003 AD to Synology AD

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Web-based bug tracking system.
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tinc vs OpenVPN

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  • tinc - Distributed p2p VPN.
  • OpenVPN - Uses a custom security protocol that utilizes SSL/TLS for key exchange.


Turnkey virtualization platform based on CentOS distribution, using Xen and an extended toolstack/API.
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Apache Guacamole Install Script for RHEL7 and CentOS 7

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NATS vs RabbitMQ

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  • NATS - NATS Server is a simple, high performance open source messaging system for cloud native applications, IoT messaging, and microservices architectures.
  • RabbitMQ - Robust, fully featured, cross distro queuing system.

MBAM Bitlocker - user device association

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Knot DNS

High performance authoritative-only DNS server.
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Sylpheed vs Thunderbird

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  • Sylpheed - Still developed predecessor to Claws Mail, lightweight mail client.
  • Thunderbird - Free email application that's easy to set up and customize.


IaaS orchestration platform originally written for deploying and managing Cloud Foundry PaaS, but also useful for general purpose distributed systems.
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Duplicity vs Duplicati

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  • Duplicity - Encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup using the rsync algorithm.
  • Duplicati - Store securely encrypted backups on cloud storage services!


Cypht: Lightweight Open Source webmail written in PHP and JavaScript
Featured Tool // Category Webmails


A fork of Bacula backup tool.
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Snipe IT vs OCS Inventory NG

Popular comparison
  • Snipe IT - Asset & license management software.
  • OCS Inventory NG - Enables users to inventory their IT assets.

OpenSMTPD vs Postfix

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  • OpenSMTPD - Secure SMTP server implementation from the OpenBSD project.
  • Postfix - Fast, easy to administer, and secure Sendmail replacement.