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SuiteCRM - Open source CRM for the world
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Ajenti vs Webmin

Popular comparison
  • Ajenti - Control panel for Linux and BSD.
  • Webmin - Linux server control panel.

AWS VS Heroku: Cloud Platform Comparison for 2017

Cloud platforms may play a pretty important role in the whole process of the development of an application or web resource. It is so because of the fact, that you become able to store almost any amount of the needed data remotely without the involvement of personal resources. In order to make things clear, today you will see the comparison of all the benefits and drawbacks of two the most popular cloud approaches, AWS and Heroku.
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Which of the Node.JS frameworks to choose and why?

The development of applications is a long and complicated process. However, in case of the usage of proper tools you may be able to reduce all those efforts paid for the creation of a project. One of these tools could be Node.JS library. However, if you are willing to improve the quality of that particular technology, there is an opportunity to do it thanks to the usage of various frameworks about which we are going to talk today.
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  • 8 Components You Need to Run Containers in Production



Message transfer agent (MTA) developed at the University of Cambridge.
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Validating, recursive, and caching DNS resolver.
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Cockpit vs Webmin

Popular comparison
  • Cockpit - New multi-server web interface for Linux servers written in C.
  • Webmin - Linux server control panel.


Open source continuous delivery server.
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8 Components You Need to Run Containers in Production

A review of micro-services industry based on 8 components to help you build the best container infrastructure. Learn more about container Engine, Orchestration, Network, Storage, Monitoring, Logging, Service Mesh and CDP.
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Real time collaboration (RTC) server.
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Nagios vs LibreNMS

Popular comparison
  • Nagios - Computer system, network and infrastructure monitoring software application.
  • LibreNMS - fork of Observium.

Claws Mail vs Sylpheed

Popular comparison
  • Claws Mail - Old school email client (and news reader), based on GTK+.
  • Sylpheed - Still developed predecessor to Claws Mail, lightweight mail client.

It's never too much of How-Tos! How to create an AWS Lambda Function and connect it to the API Gateway

Yet another article about how to start doing serverless development. With screenshots and emojis!
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Ease of use, with multi-master replication document-oriented database system.
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i-doit vs iTop

Popular comparison
  • i-doit - Open Source IT Documentation and CMDB.
  • iTop - Complete open source, ITIL, web based service management tool.

Apache HBase

Hadoop database, a distributed, big data store.
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Froxlor vs VestaCP

Popular comparison
  • Froxlor - Easy to use panel for Linux with Nginx and PHP-FPM support.
  • VestaCP - Hosting panel for Linux but with Nginx.

netdata vs Zabbix

Popular comparison
  • netdata - Real-time performance monitoring, done right!
  • Zabbix - Enterprise-class software for monitoring of networks and applications.

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A powerful and popular email spam filter employing a variety of detection technique.
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Webmin vs Ajenti

Popular comparison
  • Webmin - Linux server control panel.
  • Ajenti - Control panel for Linux and BSD.


QEMU is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer.
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Most popular RDBMS server.
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Cobbler vs The Foreman

Popular comparison
  • Cobbler - Cobbler is a Linux installation server that allows for rapid setup of network installation environments.
  • The Foreman - Foreman is a complete lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers. FOSS.

OpenVPN vs tinc

Popular comparison
  • OpenVPN - Uses a custom security protocol that utilizes SSL/TLS for key exchange.
  • tinc - Distributed p2p VPN.


The Open Monitoring Distribution.
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BorgBackup vs Duplicity

Popular comparison
  • BorgBackup - A fork of Attic deduplicating backup program written in Python.
  • Duplicity - Encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup using the rsync algorithm.


IDE by the people behind KDE.
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IP address management (IPAM) and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool.
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