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Open source continuous delivery server.
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Apache HBase

Hadoop database, a distributed, big data store.
Featured Tool // Category NoSQL

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SuiteCRM - Open source CRM for the world
Featured Tool // Category Project Management

Proxmox VE vs oVirt

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  • Proxmox VE - Complete open source virtualization management solution.
  • oVirt - Manages virtual machines, storage and virtual networks.

Bareos vs Bacula

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  • Bareos - A fork of Bacula backup tool.
  • Bacula - Another Client-server model backup tool.


QEMU is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer.
Featured Tool // Category Virtualization

Ajenti vs Webmin

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  • Ajenti - Control panel for Linux and BSD.
  • Webmin - Linux server control panel.

Check VMware API

An op5 Monitor/Naemon plugin to monitor VMware virtualization environment
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Module for Effortless Redundancy and Loadbalancing In Naemon
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Ninja is Now Just Awesome - a modern web GUI for Naemon
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Message transfer agent (MTA) developed at the University of Cambridge.
Featured Tool // Category Mail Servers

Oxidized vs RANCID

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  • Oxidized - A modern take on network device configuration monitoring with web interface and GIT storage.
  • RANCID - Monitors network device's configuration and maintain history of changes.


IP address management (IPAM) and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool.
Featured Tool // Category Cloud Management

StackStorm vs Rundeck

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  • StackStorm - Event Driven Operations and ChatOps platform for infrastructure management. Written in Python.
  • Rundeck - Simple orchestration tool.

Apache Ant

Automation build tool, similar to make, written in Java.
Featured Tool // Category Build Automation

NATS vs RabbitMQ

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  • NATS - NATS Server is a simple, high performance open source messaging system for cloud native applications, IoT messaging, and microservices architectures.
  • RabbitMQ - Robust, fully featured, cross distro queuing system.

Cockpit vs Webmin

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  • Cockpit - New multi-server web interface for Linux servers written in C.
  • Webmin - Linux server control panel.

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System statistic collection daemon.
Featured Tool // Category Metric & Metric Collection


ClickHouse is a analytic DBMS for big data. Column Orientated
Featured Tool // Category RDBMS

Duplicity vs Duplicati

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  • Duplicity - Encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup using the rsync algorithm.
  • Duplicati - Store securely encrypted backups on cloud storage services!

Claws Mail vs Sylpheed

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  • Claws Mail - Old school email client (and news reader), based on GTK+.
  • Sylpheed - Still developed predecessor to Claws Mail, lightweight mail client.


A powerful and popular email spam filter employing a variety of detection technique.
Featured Tool // Category Security

netdata vs Zabbix

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  • netdata - Real-time performance monitoring, done right!
  • Zabbix - Enterprise-class software for monitoring of networks and applications.

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  • Container Pipelines: The Next Frontier

Docker Swarm

Manage cluster of Docker Engines.
Featured Tool // Category Docker


A Distributed, Highly Available, Datacenter-Aware Scheduler
Featured Tool // Category Cloud Orchestration

Webmin vs Ajenti

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  • Webmin - Linux server control panel.
  • Ajenti - Control panel for Linux and BSD.

NSQ vs Kafka

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  • NSQ - A realtime distributed messaging platform.
  • Kafka - A high-throughput distributed messaging system.


The Open Monitoring Distribution.
Featured Tool // Category Monitoring