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Ingest, store, & analyze all types of time series data in a fully-managed, purpose-built database. Keep data forever with low-cost storage and superior data compression.


Wazuh - The Open Source Security Platform. Unified XDR and SIEM protection for endpoints and cloud workloads.
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Autoheal your Docker containers

Learn about this developer-friendly approach to automatically monitor and restart a Docker container using health checks and Autoheal without any extra configuration or scripts on the server.
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OpenStack Storage (Swift). Mirror of code maintained at
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7 DevOps Trends to Watch for in 2023

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Official QEMU mirror. Please see for how to submit changes to QEMU. Pull Requests are ignored. Please only use release tarballs from the QEMU website.
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Squid Web Proxy Cache
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Mirror of Apache Cassandra
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A PowerDNS web interface with advanced features
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Server automation framework and application
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Chef Infra, a powerful automation platform that transforms infrastructure into code automating how infrastructure is configured, deployed and managed across any environment, at any scale
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Register for Webinar: DevOps, Meet CloudOps - From Commit to Production in Minutes

Hey devs! Are you tired of the headaches that come with application deployment and management? Join our upcoming webinar and see how we can simplify your workflow & save you time and money. During the webinar, weโ€™ll also show you how to deploy an application to Vultr with Cloud 66.
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Real-time monitoring of IT components and services, such as networks, servers, VMs, applications and the cloud.
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Packer v1.5.5

A new version of Packer has been released
New Version


FreeRADIUS - A multi-protocol policy server.
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A solution for implementing efficient and consistent software delivery to Kubernetes facilitating best practices.
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Powerful and flexible web-based server management control panel
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Apache CloudStack is an opensource Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform
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CrowdSec - the open-source and participative IPS able to analyze visitor behavior & provide an adapted response to all kinds of attacks. It also leverages the crowd power to generate a global CTI database to protect the user network.
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  • Redis: The In-Memory Data Structure Store for High-Performance Applications
  • Permanent SSH tunnel with systemd


Cloud Foundry BOSH is an open source tool chain for release engineering, deployment and lifecycle management of large scale distributed services.
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Cross-platform IDE for C, C++, Python, QML/JavaScript and PHP
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๐Ÿฅ‘ ArangoDB is a native multi-model database with flexible data models for documents, graphs, and key-values. Build high performance applications using a convenient SQL-like query language or JavaScript extensions.
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Hestia Control Panel

Hestia Control Panel | A lightweight and powerful control panel for the modern web.
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Universal Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) for Kubernetes operators, and operators for traditional Linux apps, with declarative integration between operators for automated microservice integration.
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The effortless CI/CD framework that runs anywhere

Super simple build framework with fast, repeatable builds and an instantly familiar syntax โ€“ like Dockerfile and Makefile had a baby.
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