In addtion, huststore implements a distributed message queue by integrating a special HA module, features including message Push Stream, and message Publish-SubScribe, these features can be used as replacements of the corresponding features in rabbitmq and gearman.

Programming language: C
License: GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 only
Tags: Distributed Filesystems     Archiving     Filesystems    
Latest version: v1.9

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huststore - High-performance Distributed Storage

[huststore logo](res/logo.png)

huststore is a open source high performance distributed database system. It not only provides key-value storage service with extremely high performance, up to hundreds of thousands QPS, but also supports data structures like hash, set, sorted set, etc. Also, it can store binary data as value from a key-value pair, and thus can be used as an alternative of Redis.

In addtion, huststore implements a distributed message queue by integrating a special HA module, features including message Push Stream, and message Publish-SubScribe.


huststore has two core components, hustdb and HA. hustdb is a database engine developed by our own, in the fundamental architecture. HA is implemented as a nginx module. It is well-known that nginx is a industry-proven high quality code base, thus by inheriting it huststore gains the below advantages:

  • High Throughput
    hustdb uses libevhtp, a open source network library, as the inner network communication system, by incorporating it with high-performance storage engine, hustdb achieves a extremely high performance, the benchmark shows that QPS hits hundreds of thousands and even more.

  • High Concurrency
    Please refer to concurrency report of nginx for more details.

  • High Availability
    huststore architecture provides Replication (master-master) and load balance support. Therefore, the availability of HA is guaranteed by master-worker design. When one of worker process is down, the master will load another workder process, since multiple workers work independently, the HA is guaranteed to work steadily. The fundamental design architecture of huststore guarantees the high availability, by using master-master architecture, when one of the storage node fails, HA module will re-direct the request to another living master node. Also, when a node failure happens, HA cluster will automatically re-balance the data distribution, thus avoid single point of failure. In addition, HA cluster uses a distributed architecture design by incorporating LVS as the director, each HA node is separated and work independently. When one of the HA node is down, LVS will re-direct the request to other available HA node, thus avoids HA's failure on single point node.

  • Language-free Interface
    huststore use http as the communication protocol, therefore the client side implementation is not limited in any specific programming language.

  • Persistence
    You do not need to worry about the loss of data as most of interfaces will persist data to disk.

  • Support Binary Key-Value

  • Support Version Clock

Operation and Maintenance




  • Distributed KV storage : HA (hustdb ha) + DB (hustdb)
  • Distributed Message Queue : HA (hustmq ha) + DB (hustdb)

Database Engine




Tested platforms so far:

Platform Description
CentOS 6.x & 7.x kernel >= 2.6.32 (GCC 4.4.7)

Quick Start

Read the [Quick Start](quickstart.md).


  • [hustdb](hustdb/doc/doc/en/index.md)
  • [hustmq](hustmq/doc/doc/en/index.md)

Above includes detailed documents of design, deployments, API usage and test samples. You can refer quickly to common problems in FAQ part.



CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2683 v4 @ 2.10GHz (2socket*16cores)
Memory: 192G
Disk: Intel SSD DC S3520 Series (800GB, 2.5in SATA 6Gb/s, 3D1, MLC)
Network Adapter: Intel Ethernet 10G 2P X520 Adapter
OS: CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (3.10.0-327.el7.x86_64)

Test 1 - Worker


With different number of hustdb worker threads, we test hustdb's max QPS.


storage capacity : 512GB

concurrent connection : 1000

value : 1KB

md5db cache : disabled

data compression : disabled

Threads are not bound to CPU cores.


Description : Horizontal axis is the number of worker threads; Vertical axis is the QPS. The value size is 1KB .



The best hustdb worker threads number is 36-40.

Test 2 - RTT


With the optimal worker threads number, we test hustdb's round-trip time.


storage capacity : 512GB

concurrent connection : 200

value : 1KB

md5db cache : disabled

data compression : disabled

Threads are not bound to CPU cores.

Thread Stats   Avg      Stdev     Max   +/- Stdev
    Latency   238.94us   95.42us   9.33ms   81.03%
    Req/Sec    31.44k     1.09k   36.30k    63.68%
Latency Distribution
    50%  220.00us
    75%  288.00us
    90%  343.00us
    99%  482.00us
11333230 requests in 15.10s, 11.10GB read
Requests/sec: 750635.81
Transfer/sec:    752.65MB
[Latency Distribution]  0.01%  0.07ms
[Latency Distribution]   0.1%  0.07ms
[Latency Distribution]   0.5%  0.09ms
[Latency Distribution]     1%  0.09ms
[Latency Distribution]     3%  0.12ms
[Latency Distribution]     5%  0.13ms
[Latency Distribution]    10%  0.15ms
[Latency Distribution]    20%  0.17ms
[Latency Distribution]    30%  0.19ms
[Latency Distribution]    40%  0.20ms
[Latency Distribution]    50%  0.22ms
[Latency Distribution]    60%  0.25ms
[Latency Distribution]    70%  0.28ms
[Latency Distribution]    80%  0.30ms
[Latency Distribution]    90%  0.34ms
[Latency Distribution]    91%  0.35ms
[Latency Distribution]    92%  0.36ms
[Latency Distribution]    93%  0.37ms
[Latency Distribution]  93.5%  0.37ms
[Latency Distribution]    94%  0.38ms
[Latency Distribution]  94.5%  0.38ms
[Latency Distribution]    95%  0.39ms
[Latency Distribution]  95.5%  0.39ms
[Latency Distribution]    96%  0.40ms
[Latency Distribution]  96.5%  0.40ms
[Latency Distribution]    97%  0.41ms
[Latency Distribution]  97.5%  0.42ms
[Latency Distribution]    98%  0.43ms
[Latency Distribution]  98.5%  0.45ms
[Latency Distribution]    99%  0.48ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.1%  0.49ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.2%  0.50ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.3%  0.51ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.4%  0.52ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.5%  0.53ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.6%  0.56ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.7%  0.59ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.8%  0.64ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.9%  0.76ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.99%  1.85ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.999%  4.07ms

Thread Stats   Avg      Stdev     Max   +/- Stdev
    Latency   495.13us  393.71us  21.29ms   93.06%
    Req/Sec    16.37k     1.33k   23.72k    74.26%
Latency Distribution
    50%  447.00us
    75%  623.00us
    90%  815.00us
    99%    1.28ms
17628712 requests in 45.10s, 1.53GB read
Requests/sec: 390880.11
Transfer/sec:     34.67MB
[Latency Distribution]  0.01%  0.09ms
[Latency Distribution]   0.1%  0.10ms
[Latency Distribution]   0.5%  0.12ms
[Latency Distribution]     1%  0.12ms
[Latency Distribution]     3%  0.14ms
[Latency Distribution]     5%  0.17ms
[Latency Distribution]    10%  0.20ms
[Latency Distribution]    20%  0.26ms
[Latency Distribution]    30%  0.33ms
[Latency Distribution]    40%  0.39ms
[Latency Distribution]    50%  0.45ms
[Latency Distribution]    60%  0.51ms
[Latency Distribution]    70%  0.58ms
[Latency Distribution]    80%  0.67ms
[Latency Distribution]    90%  0.81ms
[Latency Distribution]    91%  0.84ms
[Latency Distribution]    92%  0.86ms
[Latency Distribution]    93%  0.89ms
[Latency Distribution]  93.5%  0.90ms
[Latency Distribution]    94%  0.92ms
[Latency Distribution]  94.5%  0.93ms
[Latency Distribution]    95%  0.95ms
[Latency Distribution]  95.5%  0.97ms
[Latency Distribution]    96%  0.99ms
[Latency Distribution]  96.5%  1.02ms
[Latency Distribution]    97%  1.05ms
[Latency Distribution]  97.5%  1.08ms
[Latency Distribution]    98%  1.13ms
[Latency Distribution]  98.5%  1.19ms
[Latency Distribution]    99%  1.28ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.1%  1.30ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.2%  1.33ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.3%  1.37ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.4%  1.41ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.5%  1.47ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.6%  1.56ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.7%  1.73ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.8%  2.24ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.9%  4.23ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.99%  7.22ms
[Latency Distribution]  99.999%  9.62ms

Test 3 - vs Redis


storage capacity : 512GB

md5db cache : disabled

data compression : disabled

Threads are not bound to CPU cores.

abbr concurrent connection value
C1000-512B 1000 512B
C1000-1K 1000 1KB
C1000-4K 1000 4KB
C2000-512B 2000 512B
C2000-1K 2000 1KB
C2000-4K 2000 4KB




See more details in [here](benchmark/README.md)


huststore is licensed under LGPL-3.0, a very flexible license to use.



  • Nginx module development kit - hustngx

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the huststore README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.