Nomad v0.11.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-05-14 // 11 days ago

    • Task dependencies UI: task lifecycle charts and details


    • core: Added support for a per-group policy to stop tasks when a client is disconnected [GH-2185]
    • core: Allow spreading allocations as an alternative to binpacking [GH-7810]
    • client: Improve AWS CPU performance fingerprinting [GH-7681]
    • csi: Added support for volume secrets [GH-7923]
    • csi: Added periodic garbage collection of plugins and volume claims [GH-7825]
    • csi: Improved performance of volume claim releases by moving work out of scheduler [GH-7794]
    • driver/docker: Added support for custom runtimes [GH-7932]
    • ui: Added ACL-checking to conditionally turn off exec button [GH-7919]
    • ui: CSI searchable volumes and plugins pages [GH-7895]
    • ui: CSI plugins list and etail pages [GH-7872] [GH-7911]
    • ui: CSI volume constraints table [GH-7872]

    🐛 BUG FIXES:

    • core: job scale status endpoint was returning incorrect counts [GH-7789]
    • core: Fixed bugs related to periodic jobs scheduled during daylight saving transition periods [GH-7894]
    • core: Fixed a bug where scores for allocations were biased toward nodes with resource reservations [GH-7730]
    • api: api.ScalingEvent struct was missing .Count [GH-7915]
    • api: validate scale count value is not negative [GH-7902]
    • api: autoscaling policies should not be returned for stopped jobs [GH-7768]
    • client: Fixed a bug where an multi-task allocation maybe considered unhealthy if some tasks are slow to start [GH-7944]
    • csi: Fixed checking of volume validation responses from plugins [GH-7831]
    • csi: Fixed counting of healthy and expected plugins after plugin job updates or stops [GH-7844]
    • csi: Added checkpointing to volume claim release to avoid unreleased claims on plugin errors [GH-7782]
    • driver/docker: Fixed a bug preventing garbage collecting unused docker images [GH-7947]
    • jobspec: autoscaling policy block should return a parsing error multiple policy blocks are provided [GH-7716]
    • ui: Fixed a bug where exec popup had incorrect URL for jobs where name ≠ id [GH-7814]
    • ui: Fixed a timeout issue where if the log stream request to a client eventually returns but only after the timeout it never gets closed [GH-7820]
    • ui: Setting a namespace on Volumes or Jobs persists that namespace choice when switching to another namespace-away page [GH-7896]
    • ui: Fixed a bug where clicking stdout or stderr when already on that clicked view would pause log streaming [GH-7820]
    • ui: Fixed a race condition that made swithing from stdout to stderr too quickly show an error [GH-7820]
    • ui: Switching namespaces now redirects to Volumes instead of Jobs when on a Storage page [GH-7896]
    • ui: Allocations always report resource reservations based on thier own job version [GH-7855]
    • vault: Fixed a bug where nomad retries revoking tokens indefinitely [GH-7959]

Previous changes from v0.11.1

  • 🐛 BUG FIXES:

    • core: Fixed a bug that only ran a task shutdown_delay if the task had a registered service [GH-7663]
    • core: Fixed a panic when garbage collecting a job with allocations spanning multiple versions [GH-7758]
    • agent: Fixed a bug where http server logs did not honor json log formatting, and reduced http server logging level to Trace [GH-7748]
    • connect: Fixed bugs where some connect parameters would be ignored [GH-7690] [GH-7684]
    • connect: Fixed a bug where an absent connect sidecar_service stanza would trigger panic [GH-7683]
    • connect: Fixed a bug where some connect proxy fields would be dropped from 'job inspect' output [GH-7397]
    • csi: Fixed a panic when claiming a volume for an allocation that was already garbage collected [GH-7760]
    • csi: Fixed a bug where CSI plugins with NODE_STAGE_VOLUME capabilities were receiving an incorrect volume ID [GH-7754]
    • driver/docker: Fixed a bug where retrying failed docker creation may in rare cases trigger a panic [GH-7749]
    • scheduler: Fixed a bug in managing allocated devices for a job allocation in in-place update scenarios [GH-7762]
    • vault: Upgrade http2 library to fix Vault API calls that fail with http2: no cached connection was available [GH-7673]