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Homebrew Tap - Pen Test Tools


This repo is UNMAINTAINED. Unless pull requests are received, no changes or fixes will be made in the foreseable future. I no longer use these formulae, and do not have the time to keep them in a working state.


This is a Tap containing some Homebrew formulas consisting of penetration testing related tools. Nearly all these formulas should build and run on both macOS and Linux.

macOS Specific Notes

The following Formulae do not build/work under macOS:

  • enum4linux - depends on rpcclient, net, nmblookup, smbclient which are tools included with Samba and not found on macOS
  • libnl - depends on specific functionality contained only within the Linux kernel
  • aircrack-ng - depends on libnl (see above)
  • wifite - depends on aircrack-ng (see above)
  • nfsshell - depends on specific functionality contained within the glibc library
  • frogger - depends on the Linux vconfig tool
  • mitmf - a python dependency depends on specific functionality found only within the Linux kernel

Ubuntu Specific Notes

The following dependencies will need to be installed on Ubuntu based systems:

sudo apt install build-essential curl git libpcap-dev python-setuptools python-dev

Available Tools


tool install
CeWL brew install sidaf/pentest/cewl
dirb brew install sidaf/pentest/dirb
dnsrecon brew install sidaf/pentest/dnsrecon
enum4linux brew install sidaf/pentest/enum4linux
gobuster brew install sidaf/pentest/gobuster
netdiscover brew install sidaf/pentest/netdiscover
polenum brew install sidaf/pentest/polenum
praeda brew install sidaf/pentest/praeda
recon-ng brew install sidaf/pentest/recon-ng
ridenum brew install sidaf/pentest/ridenum
Scrape-DNS brew install sidaf/pentest/scrape_dns
SimplyEmail brew install sidaf/pentest/simply_email
snmpcheck brew install sidaf/pentest/snmpcheck
theHarvester brew install sidaf/pentest/the_harvester
wafw00f brew install sidaf/pentest/wafw00f
whatweb brew install sidaf/pentest/whatweb
wig brew install sidaf/pentest/wig


tool install
aircrack-ng brew install sidaf/pentest/aircrack-ng
ikeforce brew install sidaf/pentest/ikeforce
iker brew install sidaf/pentest/iker
header-check brew install sidaf/pentest/header_check
nfsshell brew install sidaf/pentest/nfsshell
nopc brew install sidaf/pentest/nopc
rdp-sec-check brew install sidaf/pentest/rdp-sec-check
serializekiller brew install sidaf/pentest/serializekiller
sslscan brew install sidaf/pentest/sslscan-static
ssl-cipher-suite-enum brew install sidaf/pentest/ssl-cipher-suite-enum
testssl brew install sidaf/pentest/testssl-static
vFeed brew install sidaf/pentest/vfeed
wfuzz brew install sidaf/pentest/wfuzz
windows-exploit-suggester brew install sidaf/pentest/windows-exploit-suggester
wpscan brew install sidaf/pentest/wpscan
yasuo brew install sidaf/pentest/yasuo


tool install
armitage brew install sidaf/pentest/armitage
bettercap brew install sidaf/pentest/bettercap
crackmapexec brew install sidaf/pentest/crackmapexec
clusterd brew install sidaf/pentest/clusterd
commix brew install sidaf/pentest/commix
frogger brew install sidaf/pentest/frogger
jexboss brew install sidaf/pentest/jex_boss
impacket brew install sidaf/pentest/impacket
inception brew install sidaf/pentest/inception
metasploit brew install sidaf/pentest/metasploit-framework
mitmf brew install sidaf/pentest/mitmf
odat brew install sidaf/pentest/odat
panoptic brew install sidaf/pentest/panoptic
responder brew install sidaf/pentest/responder
sqlmap brew install sidaf/pentest/sqlmap
wifite brew install sidaf/pentest/wifite
yersinia brew install sidaf/pentest/yersinia
ysoserial brew install sidaf/pentest/ysoserial


tool install
babel-sf brew install sidaf/pentest/babel-sf
egressbuster brew install sidaf/pentest/egressbuster
empire brew install sidaf/pentest/empire
laudanum brew install sidaf/pentest/laudanum
nishang brew install sidaf/pentest/nishang
posh-secmod brew install sidaf/pentest/posh-secmod
powersploit brew install sidaf/pentest/powersploit
pykek brew install sidaf/pentest/pykek
tater brew install sidaf/pentest/tater
unicorn brew install sidaf/pentest/magic_unicorn


tool install
cowpatty brew install sidaf/pentest/cowpatty
crunch brew install sidaf/pentest/crunch
hashcat-bin brew install sidaf/pentest/hashcat-bin
hashcat-legacy brew install sidaf/pentest/hashcat-legacy
hashcat-utils brew install sidaf/pentest/hashcat-utils
hashid brew install sidaf/pentest/hashid
john brew install sidaf/pentest/john-jumbo


tools install
fuzzdb brew install sidaf/pentest/fuzzdb
SecList brew install sidaf/pentest/sec_lists
RobotsDisallowed brew install sidaf/pentest/robots_disallowed






  • backdoorfactory
  • pyobfuscate
  • shellter
  • veil-evasion


  • iphelix-pack