Programming language: Clojure
License: MIT License
Tags: Editors    
Latest version: v0.8.1

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Light Table

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Join the chat at https://gitter.im/LightTable/LightTable Code Shelter

Light Table is a next generation code editor that connects you to your creation with instant feedback. Light Table is very customizable and can display anything a Chromium browser can.

Light Table is putting out a call for additional maintainers! There is plenty to do for nearly every aspect of the project. Ranging from digging deep down into the internals, writing documentation, fixing bugs, writing plugins, or triaging new issues, Light Table could use a hand. If you are interested, please reach out.


Prebuilt binaries are available through lighttable.com. To build and use a developer version of Light Table [see these instructions](doc/developer-install.md).

For OSX users, the install process involves the following steps until we officially sign our OSX App:

  • In Finder, Ctrl-click on LightTable.app/ and select Open.
  • When you see this prompt about LightTable being unidentified, click Open.
  • If Ctrl-click doesn't work for you, open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General, temporarily change "Allow apps downloaded from:" to Anywhere and double click on LightTable.app.



Light Table has a powerful plugin system that allows almost any aspect of the editor to be extended and customized. With over 100+ plugins, the community is able to offer eval support for new languages, create domain-specific IDEs and much more. If you're interested in writing your own plugin, see the Write a Plugin and Submit a Plugin docs. For an example ClojureScript plugin, see LightTable-Declassifier.


Want to ask a question or just say hi? Please do :). Our mailing list is the Light Table Google group. We also hang out in #lighttable on Freenode IRC.

For Developers

LightTable is primarily written in ClojureScript. If you aren't familiar with it, check out David Nolen's tutorial.

In order to develop for Light Table, you will need to [install a developer version of Light Table](doc/developer-install.md). For more information, read CONTRIBUTING.md and For Developers.


All files in this project are under the [LICENSE.md](LICENSE.md) license unless otherwise stated in the file or by a dependency's license file.


Big thanks to all our contributors! Thanks of course to Kodowa for all they have done for Light Table and also to Cognitect for providing friday contributions for one of the core team members.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Light Table README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.