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Latest version: v5.0.0.beta

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Backup is a system utility for Linux and Mac OS X, distributed as a RubyGem, that allows you to easily perform backup operations. It provides an elegant DSL in Ruby for modeling your backups. Backup has built-in support for various databases, storage protocols/services, syncers, compressors, encryptors and notifiers which you can mix and match. It was built with modularity, extensibility and simplicity in mind.

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Project Status: Looking for contributors and maintainers

This project is not under active development, although we will continue to provide support for current users, but you can change that by joining the team (see CONTRIBUTING.md)

If you use this project and would like to develop it further, please introduce yourself on the maintainers wanted ticket.

Copyright (c) 2009-2017 Michael van Rooijen ( @mrrooijen ) Released under the MIT [LICENSE](LICENSE).

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