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What is nsedit?

nsedit is a DNS editor for PowerDNS. It is created to finally replace poweradmin and take DNS editing to what we're used at in

  1. It uses the PowerDNS API to make changes in your zones, so you can use the backend that you want, no matter what.


  • Import BIND- or AXFR-style dumps of your existing zones
  • Add/remove zones and records
  • Clone zones
  • Show the DNSsec details of a zone
  • Multiple user support
  • Allow logging of all actions in NSEdit, including exporting the log in JSON-format
  • [experimental] nsedit API, to create zones from another system

User support

Multiple users are supported. A user can be an admin or a normal user. You can configure whether or not a normal user is allowed to add new zones.

WeFact Login support

WeFact is A hosting billing product. nsedit can authenticate against the WeFact API, which allows your customers to login on nsedit with their WeFact credentials. It will automatically show their domains and allow them to edit them.


  • A webserver running php
  • php sqlite3
  • php curl
  • php with openssl support
  • PowerDNS with the JSON-api enabled. Version 4.0.0 or greater


  • Via Git

    • Run git clone in the directory where you want to run nsedit from : git clone https://github.com/tuxis-ie/nsedit.git
    • Select tag v1.0 or skip this if you want to run from master : git checkout tags/v1.0
  • Via releases

  • Copy includes/config.inc.php-dist to includes/config.inc.php and edit config.inc.php to your needs.

  • By default, nsedit writes its user database to ../etc/pdns.users.sqlite3. Be sure that your webserver can create that directory and write to it. Make sure the Webserver doesn't serve this file/folder to the public!

  • Visit http(s):///nsedit/ and login with admin/admin (Don't forget to update your password!)

Have fun ;)

Other methods of installation (Unsupported)

Configuring PowerDNS

Minimal configuration of PowerDNS for supporting nsedit has to include 3 directives:


Special note for Ubuntu Xenial Xerus 16.04 users: Default pdns package included in Ubuntu repositories has the version of 4.0.0-alpha2 and nsedit v1.0 doesn't work with it due to API incompatibility.

If your PowerDNS version is not the latest one, please consider adding PowerDNS repository to your system.

Detailed instructions for adding repository are available at http://repo.powerdns.com/


[The login screen](screenshots/login.png) [Master zones](screenshots/master-import-zones.png) [Slave zones](screenshots/slavezones.png)