The Merlin project, or Module for Effortless Redundancy and Loadbalancing In Nagios, was initially started to create an easy way to set up distributed Nagios installations, allowing Nagios processes to exchange information directly as an alternative to the standard nagios way using NSCA. Now, the nagios support is deprecated in favour of Naemon ( www.naemon.org ) which is a fork of the Nagios project. When starting the Ninja project we realised that we could continue the work on Merlin and adopt the project to function as backend for Ninja by adding support for storing the status information in a database, fault tolearance and some other cool things. This means that Merlin now are responsible for providing status data, acting as a backend, for the Ninja GUI.

Programming language: C
License: GPL
Tags: Monitoring     Networking     Distributed     Naemon    

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